iPhone Dongle recommendation

I am ordering BLON BL-01, BL-03, TripoWin C8 (only good cable I found with Mic), Azla Xelastec tips and mesh to mod the BLONs, this quite a deal to me since none of this products are available nor being shipped to my country, I simply got lucky and found a service that is going to help me finally try this IEMs since they are still being recommended by everyone when you want good audio in a budget.
Since I am trying to get the best for my budget because I want it to last, I was wondering if you could recommend me a good DAC/AMP dongle that can be used with my iPhone, I need it to support microphone, since I also play PUBG Mobile in a competitive level and need the microphone to work.

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You can use any Dongle.You only need a Flash Adapter for use it.
I search one but the Market is rare.

Maybe the ibasso Dongle is a good thing for Apple.

you dont think they make a big difference for this particular IEM?
cuz I was thinking on getting ddHiFi TC35i for its size

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The ddHiFi TC35i is not really a dongle but more of a gadjet or adapter that allows you to use it with Lightning headphones, if the headphone jack of the Apple device is broken.

If you are really looking for a dongle
which can run better performance than the standard Apple product, then the only thing that works is that most of the Usb C based products are Usb C based and you need an adapter from Lightnig to Usb C.
But it is important that the adapter is able to transport data, otherwise the dongle can not read the data.

Exactly what I am looking for, because I already have the Hidizs S3 for my working tablet and there the differences were extreme.

Not true. The TC35i is probably the smallest external DAC/Amp made for the iPhone. You can connect any headphones or IEMs to it that have a 3.5 mm connector. It’s not very powerful, so stick with things that are easy to drive and it would work fine.

If you want ultra portability it could be the good way to go.


yeah I like its portability but if there is something way better sounding wise without breaking the bank, I would go with it, thats why I am open to suggestions

This might be “breaking the bank…” but the Earmen Sparrow looks like a nice choice.

yeah is definitely too much for me, I was thinking on something in the 60ish $us, that cost like 3 times more of whats I paid for my IEMs and accesories

Hidizs S9 is something you can consider at budget range, of xDuoo Link/Link2

iBasso recently released a 4.4mm output capable one, with dual dac.

unfortunaly none of those come with a lightning/iPhone version

If portability is your main focus the ddHiFi TC35i is a good option, but otherwise I think that the Fiio BTR3K (it´s about US$69 on Amazon) is a good option, it has enoth power to driver the IEM´s that you mentioned, you can use a Lightning to USB Data Cable or connect via Bluetooth.

The Apple dongle measures very good, one of the best dongles with this form factor. If you want something better, the Hidisz S8/Tempotec Sonata HD PRO (the same product, Tempotec is the manufacturer) measure the best in the price and better than even the audioquest dragonfly and a lot of desktop DACs.

All of these support a mic AFAIK.


everyone recommends me that one, but in its page it says that it does not support microphone

Just get the apple dongle, that also measures pretty good and is enough for most IEMs. If you think you need more power get an amp with a low output impedance.

Here the Specs from the S8.

I have the S3 and run with the Emu Purpelheart very well.
Personally the Producter is good and the price too for use every day is enough.You need not more.
For sure the S8 is better as the S3 in connectivty.

Just an FIY: the Tempotec Sonata HD Pro is the same as the S8 but half the price.


interesting :thinking:
may have to look for somebody that already has it to check if it really works

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I paid $250 for my Topping D50s not too long ago, and now that I see this gizmo for $40 I think, “Eh, pass; there will be something even better for half the price soon”

That is the way of chi-fi lol. If you already got something good, waiting will just give you something better and/or cheaper.

(although perhaphs with the AKM incident, that rule might not be the case for sources for a while.)