iPhone to DAC Direct Cable

I’m looking for a cable that goes is lightning to USB B. I don’t know the technological obstacles, but I hate having to use adapters in my signal path. One more thing to wear out, one more potential source degradation, bulky, pieces to lose, janky look, etc. Hard to believe there isn’t a one cable solution.
Anyone seen my unicorn cable? Thanks.

Wouldn’t the cable that came with your I-Device have Lightning to USB A
Do you mean Lightning to usb micro?

There are many, as in, one is USB, a very open standard that covers audio to industrial X-ray scanners.
The other is something apple whipped up when they got bored of the 30-pin dock.

When it is digital signals, it makes 0 difference.

I assume when you write USB A, you mean USB A female? So this cable but with lightning instead of USB Micro?

Like so?
Question is, do your DAC and Iphone play along as is and you just want to cut down on clutter or is this uncharted territory?

Sorry, I guess it is a USB B connection that I mean.

Actually I meant USB B. I want to avoid that kind of adapter and have a single cable with lightning on one end and USB B on the other. My DACs don’t have USB micro ports.

Never mind. Foundit! Thanks!

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USB needs a “master” device (a computer, for example), and a “slave” (a phone).
So you would need some kind of “reformer” in the middle to make both sides talk.

I would guess it is easier to have

Phone → Bluetooth → SPDIF/Toslink → DAC

I think this should do the job.

I am interested as well on this cable. Let me know if it work for you. I want to use it to conn te my iPhone 8 to a SDAC B.

I will post as soon as I try it.

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@Alfredo3001 Got the cable today and it works like a charm. I got a message on my phone initially that said it was not a supported accessory, but I unplugged and re-plugged it and it is all good.
MIDI Cable for iPhone/iPad,USB… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TZY45G9?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
image image


Awesome! Thanks ordering now!

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I was expecting a “mission failed, we’ll get them next time”.

The warning was probably quicker than the “new device ready to use”-message, because that cable has to have some electronics in it.

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Was kinda surprised the apple product took that, I was kinda just ready to see that it wasn’t supported because of apple lol

I gave it about a 50/50 chance, but I figured since all I wanted was digital data throughput (no power or analogue) it would probably work. A MIDI cable is just a data cable when it’s all said and done.
I am sort of surprised this kind of cable isn’t marketed for DAC/iPhone connection, but I suppose the majority of users with an iPhone for a source are using it mobile and need USB micro connectivity.

It makes sense why it would work, apple just has a tendency to refuse to work with 3rd party accessories at times lol (just because of their somewhat closed ecosystem approach, but I don’t want to get into that argument)


Somewhat? Dive in COMPLETELY closed ecosystem lol

Well, I mean they let some stuff through, but it is closed for the most part

Just recently they started playing “nice” but in comparison to everything else completely is still a fitting word

Oh snap…you got that to work? I tried that last year sometime and it was a No-go. I’m using iphone 6+ which model phone are you using?