Is a used Definitive Technology BP6B + LCR2002 center channel, worth $400 (cad)?

It was in Zeo’s floorstanding guide, but that not been updated in quite a while. If no good, any other tower suggestions i might be able to find with center channel under $500 (cad)?

My room is 16 ft wide x 25 ft long x 10 ft ceilings. Running 7.2.4 atmos if that matters other gear is:
-Paradigm se 2000c (can’t find se3000f or 6000f’s used, too expensive new)
-Some really crappy kenwood front speakers (like $10 on kijiji or something)
-Paradigm ADP 100 Dipole Speakers
-Monoprice sattelites rear.
-Polk 8 inch in-ceiling top.

So the goal is to find better front channels with similar center?

For me it important to have similar sounding speakers all around.
So i would probably save more to buy them new or keep looking second hand.
Same Paradigms for front speakers.

No, goal is too find better floor stander fronts with a matching center for under $500 (CAD) used. I’m going to return/refund my current center, because I’m not super happy with it tbh, and plus the floorstanders are too expensive for a pair, so thats an extra $150 to $250 there.

(First time using this forum and not sure if i have to reply to give you a notification that i responded, so i apologize if i just double notified you)