Is a Yahama RX-775 receiver a good deal for $175US?

Title says it all, I have the chance to pick this up tonight but I’m hesitant because I’m still new to the world of HT and receivers particularly, so I don’t wanna rush into anything if it’s not a really good deal

I have a thread that outlines the specific use case and details of my set up here: Tips for buying used receiver for a budget HT setup?

Yamaha makes very good receivers, don’t spend alot on your first system and remember that you have to decide to focus on HT or Music, because a 2 or 2.1 Stereo receiver will guve better musical performance over a HT receiver, generally.
But yes Yamaha makes good equipment.


I have both a Yamaha 2.1 stereo receiver and a 5.1 home theater receiver and both are excellent products. The 5.1 I have is the RX-V385 and the 2.1 is the R-S202BL. I don’t think you can go wrong with Yamaha as a brand in this area.

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But is that relevant in my scenario?
Is the topping mx3 better for music that the yamaha rx-775?

I would go for the Yamaha over the topping.

I ended up getting a Marantz SR-6001 instead for $50 I’m trying to hook it up now, wish me luck!
What do you guys reckon?