Is anyone at 6 weeks + the original lead time yet with Modhouse?

I ordered T60RPs on June 8th with the approximate lead time of 14 weeks (September 15thish), then saw his update about it being an extra month behind, that’s cool, I’m patient. And now we’re 2 more weeks beyond that. I saw his recent update about not getting in headphones fast enough, but I also feel like I also read that the T60s weren’t wait listed because at the time I had ordered (and I ordered earlier than that announcement I think) he wasn’t having supply issues. Maybe that’s changed. Has it been too long despite all of this and I should try somehow facilitating contact or should I be patient still? I’m just a little more worried because I’m in Canada so with customs, fees, etc I have to be extra diligent and am not guaranteed to just have it show up at my door with everything going on with covid i.e you have to prepay your fees because of no driver contact, etc.

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I’m currently at 15 weeks I think (headphones arrived there on around the 14th of July), I sent in a pair of t50 mk2s that I bought in the US (I’m in the UK) so there wouldn’t be supply issues in terms of the headphones there for me. Would be nice to have some sort of tracker like how ZMF has one even if it wasn’t super up to date, but I understand that they are a small company and would probably rather just get the orders out the door as fast as they can.