Is anyone building a shopping list for when this is over?

I know I am. My daily expenses have dropped since I started working from home, so I’m using the savings to save up for new items for my set up along with my editing computer for when things go back to some state of normal. I’m also close to another script thing that could help as well.

(this is a long term list, spread out over the next year to two.)

Among these will be a PA32UCX - Color Correction Monitor for film work and movie set up.
An Marantz NR1200 to increase the number of connections I have hooked up to the monitor.

A good preamp.

Various Switchers from MapleTree Audio Design and the Mellow Boy Octal Headphone amp. I might order these now.

A 200 watt per channel Bryston Amp

Decware Headphone amps.

Tube Friendly headphones

Some planar magnetic headphones

A good closed or front ported speaker. I’m leaning towards triangle.


thats ALL i’ve been doing to keep myself sane

  • A Magni heresy or similar amp for turntable
  • Ifi zen dac
  • urbanfun IEMs
  • a bunch of audiophile and non audiophile vinyl
  • new cartridge for turntable
  • beyerdynamic DT 770 250 ohms (optional… can keep my M50s)

I might get a DAP.
Oooh, If I sell these screenplays I’m working on I’m gonna buy me a Chord Hugo MScaler


Nicee, that + your hugo tt would be real sweet


also very useful since chord products are what are used at the BBC from what i heard

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I’ve actually just been buying now from physical dealers that are trying to clear out. I’m just taking advantage of the deals now lol


Ditto on the buying… picked up 2 recently for discounted prices I’ve been eyeing for awhile… keep this economy rolling

Only one store I know is doing that up here. The Canadian government put a lot of protections in to help them weather the storm.

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What’re you thinking here?

I’ve lived with the br03’s for awhile… highly rec triangle :+1:

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Im making a list of shoes to find and try on.

Sennheiser 600/650
BD DT1990
BD DT… the one Mon recommends at 600 omrd

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880 I would assume … nice

  • Heatgun
  • 3mm ball cutter for my Dremel
  • circular cutter, did not think I would need one
  • some CDs
  • some BluRays

Cannot make a difference between this “when this is over” pointing probably to covid-19 situation and just “saving up for future” equipment visions or wants or needs.

From normal saving, only extra is fuel from not actually not driving to work.
That really ain’t much for hifi gear wants or needs…

Not necessarily for when it’s over, but purchases this year.

  1. ~$500 Headphones, leaning closed to semi-closed, planar, but not necessary [Shortlist: T60RP Argons Mod, Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO, Aeon Open X, Sennheiser HD 660S, Neumann NDH20]
  2. Monolith 887 THX Headphone Amp
  3. SMSL M300 Mk II
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Seeing how I’m about about to start a new job and pay increase… I’m actually trying to decide on which ZMF to get. @M0N has me mentally bouncing between the Eikons or the Auteurs. As I’m reviewing this Sony MDR1am2’s… I’m REALLY enjoying these so if someone needs a new headphone that is just good in the $300, I honestly can’t recommend these enough.

I own both the Eikons and Auteurs, and you really can’t go wrong with either. I’d say I probably enjoy the Eikons slightly more as they were my first ZMFs, but really both are great

I’m torn… but I’m assuming the Eikons are better for lower volume listening which is what I want.

I listen pretty loudly, so I can’t help too much there. I think you may miss some of the slam I love them for at lower volumes, but it certainly won’t sound bad

Honestly, I kinda prefer the eikons more fun signature, and imo with the zmf you don’t really get a whole ton of benefits from going with their open backs

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