Is anyone selling open box no use fiio fh3 for 100 US dollars or lower?

I’m trying to get my first IEMS and i am tight on money is anyone willing to put up a purchase of the fiio fh3 open box unused for 100$ or less. Or help me find a place online with the Fiio Fh3 on sale . I’ve been searching for months to find this eraphone on sale or open box unused for months help plz

Fiio probably has a tight grip on pricing from retailers. Bigger companies can do that.

Why not just buy something in your price range? Blon 03, with a Yinyoo cable, and SpinFits would be under $50. You can also mesh-mod it for like $2 with filters from Aliexpress.

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good luck finding something, was a challenge for me as well, eventually found a nearly new 15 hr for $90. Purchase well spent on Ebay.

do you think the people that are selling are still up?

if your asking if there are open box buys on Ebay currently… no