Is Fiio BTR3K viable as a budget DAC?

I’ve been looking into buying a DAC for my little setup.
I curecntly have xDuoo MT-602 with Beyerdynamic DT770 250ohm and DT880 250ohm.
I have a budget around 100 euros. I see a compiling advantage of being able to take the BTR3K outside and listen to my headphones everywhere. I am open to other alternatives.

I am currently running the AMP straight out of my laptop.
Also, how significant is the differnce between BTR3K and the new BTR5?

What do you think?

Think even if you did mod your cans so they can be balanced the btr3k hasn’t enough juice to make them really sing cause I have to nearly max mine if I plug my 58x balanced into it
If you use them at home and listen on low loudness it’s a maybe but for on the go i don’t think it’s enough
For around 100€ you could get a qudelik 5k that has a good bit more power and a good app so you can tweak it to your liking :wink: but I would with it i would also at least recommend using your HP balanced
If you’re really determined to get your cans driven good something like the hip DAC from ifi has a better chance