Is HD 599 good for gaming?

i’m selling my astro a40s and i will have about $100-$150 to spend on a headphone i play warzone, rainbow, battlefield, tarkov, apex… and sometimes hop on to some single player games.
some one recommended for me to buy HD 599 as they are good for anything. good imaging for fps games not lacking in bass for singleplayer games and are comfortable. so i need your help please. i can’t buy anything from drop as i’ts too expensive to ship to my place.

There is no reason to create multiple threads over the same thing. Please refrain from doing that.

You just asked me about the 599, I said no. There is a reason for this I will explain a bit.

These two require quite a lot of performance out of a headphone as they are rather demanding and are of a large scale… not to mention very picky on headphone signature.


now lets look at the 599s frequency… the sub bass is lacking but the upper bass sky rockets… there is bass bleed and the bass overwhelms the rest of the signature. While this is okay for casual gaming and in some cases smaller fps this is absolutely not okay for most. On my list it is there but was before I gained more experience with much more headphones that are better at this sort of thing. The 599 imaging is around average as is the soundstage… there is nothing “special” about them. Bass is the last thing you want but having the bass be around neutral is fine as is slightly elevated… but this is far more than slightly elevated… To explain why bass is an issue is that the rumbling bass actually will cloud your footstep placements and other sounds… it simply gets in the way

I recommend the 598 over the 599 as it has that bass spike up as well but to a much lesser degree so its more controlled and well rounded… you would be better off grabbing a 58x jubilee over both of these as it out performs them. If drops too expensive search the used markets

In terms of comfort its subjective… the pads are quite narrow and oval shape so it may be a miss. The problem here is wanting to go to headphones with a very weak amplifier… theres not many options available to you in this regard and with a smaller budget that makes things harder for games like tarkov… you can get away just fine with the 598. If you wanted a closed back that would work on that amp though you could grab the beyers dt 770 at 80 ohms and you should be alright… otherwise again, tygr 300r would be in the ideal sense in this case.

thank you. but sorry to annoy you. i could get a beyerdynamic 880 600 ohm with a good amp the problem with that is single player games. i want a headphone that’s versatile i fear when i go with these and then play singleplayer games or horror games i wont have bass to enjoy them.
the headphones i could get are, shp9500, beyer 880, HD 599. Due to my location tyger 300 i could not get or i would love to but only way to get it is to pay for the mic included bundle which makes no sense as i have a external mic already. also i’m sorry for making two topics didn’t mean it.

nah your fine

the bass off the 600 ohm 880 is just fine as its ever so slightly above the neutral line… its not a “basshead” headphone but then again if your looking for a headphone that fits into competitive and casual you really don’t want alot of bass to begin with. 880 works just fine for both as does tygr those are the two beyers I would recommend for that…

if you have to choose between those three and you can buy an amp that supports a 600 ohm headphone… absolutely go with the 880

ah yeah, no worries on that… tygr is a bit hard to get depending on where you are.

One last thing. I choose to buy Shp9500 as it’s not expensive as i’m new to these stuff.
I hope it’s a step up from the astros.
But i wanted your opinion on what amp/dac combo i should buy, only ones that will ship to me are soundblaster g6, sennheiser gsx 1000, fiio e10k, and syba sonic. And if you got something better let me know. And thank you for helping clueless people like me it means alot.

depending on your motherboard, the 9500 shouldn’t really need an amp and dac. However, in the ones listed… g6 will have the most power and can drive up to 600 ohm beyers, followed by E10k which drives up to 250 ohms but struggles with some, Syba from my experience doesn’t drive the 9500s and is about the equal to a weaker motherboard, and gsx 1000 is awful and should be skipped