Is it possible to modify the sound of a budget speaker

(HELP with science project)
Yep, just that simple. I’m curious if I could modify the sound or sound signature of a speaker
If yes, I need to buy one under 30-50 if possible
Thank you for helping

Depends. When they are glued, you are breaking more than you are fixing.

Sticking a rolled up sound absorber matt into the port is always an option to try :wink:

for that price honestly you should buy used. most budget speakers in that price range is just plastic while some are decent like the creative pebble v2 you cant really modify them. most you could do is probably eq them.

What kind of project? Physical alterations to the cabinet will change the sound. More or less damping will too. Cheap 2 way speakers usually don’t have crossovers. An inexpensive mod is to go to DigiKey and buy some capacitors and inductors to make your own crossover.

How about building a box with the exact demensions but using same or bit thicker hardwood. Would that improve sound or just nicer furniture? Something like say MB42X or NEUMI BS5.