Is it safe to leave batteries in the Objective 2 amplifier full time?

Im buying a pair of 9v NiMH batteries for my O2 amp today and my concern is that since I only use the amp portable quite rarely, and mostly leave it plugged into AC power at my desk, (Which also charges the batteries) is there a risk of the batteries overcharging and damaging my amp or headphones?

For a rough estimate, I’d say I would leave it plugged into AC for a week to a month without using it on battery power, would leaving it charging that long cause issues?

NiMH batteries are quite foreign to me.

I would just leave them out if you are going to spend most of the time on the desk, just so they don’t do anything weird lol. You are most likely fine either way though

would advise against it, no matter how proven the battery type, they all fail releasing nasty stuff.

I would not expect that to happen, charge circuits are very good.

They are not as forgiving as lead acid cells, but won’t explode on you like LiPo for looking at them wrong.

NiMH cells when full will dissipate electrical power put in as heat. When charging them at 10% (or less) of their capacity per hour (800mAh/10 / h = 80mA), it will be fine.
That said, when you don’t plan on using them, just take them out.

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I ended up buying some, I think I’m just gonna try get into the habit of unplugging the amp when I’m not using it, but the whole reason I wanted these was to stop the inconvenience of having to take it apart just to put batteries in every time, there’s 4 front screws and one back, it only takes 5 minutes but it’s an annoying 5 minutes Everytime because sometimes I’ll use it portable for a few days in a row, or a couple times a week, but then other times only once every few weeks or month

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