Is it weird that tweeter on ear level dosen't sound as good?

So in my setup I had my speakers under ear lever, like an entire speaker under ear level. And it sounded great, great rich bass, mids etc. But I changed the location and once again it sounded phenomenal with them under. BUT I thought I should try again, to place the tweeter at ear level, did and the bass is seemingly not as Rick, mids are more scattered. I know that you are supposed to have them at ear level, but has anyone had my same experience? What could be the reason?

Zeos actually mentioned in a review of of a coax speaker, a kef I believe, that he had to angle the speakers inward in order to change either the imaging of the speaker or the intensity of the tweeter or both. I don’t remember exactly. Anyways my point is there is no right way to set up speakers, whaterver sounds better to you is what you should go with. You should also try reducing the treble if ur a ble to on ur speakers.

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thanks, so i actually figured out what the problem was. After a specific height within this room they just loose the oomph and detail. It’s too long and complicated to explain how i figured it out but that is almost 100% what happened. Now at their lower height they sound magnificent again

Maybe you were getting a bass boost from the vertical room resonance modes and if the woofer goes too high (in the range of 25%-33% of the room height) most of those room modes are no longer activated. If this is the case, you should be hearing that “full bass” you mentioned only when your head is at certain heights in the room, not at every listening height. (When it’s not activated you don’t hear it at any height.)

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oh that’s interesting! that’s possible then, because my speakers are layed down horizontally. so the woofer might have been too high at that height. and it was honestly i would say at 39%. so pretty high

I have mine above ear level and like it