Is it worth buying a Mcintosh?

This week I went to the audio store because I wanted to listen to the Grados.
The dealer hooked me up and let me listen with a Nad cd player and Music fidality Mx Hpa.
Then I listened to the Dt 1770 pure and the Denon D5200.

When I was done I talked to the salesman how I found it.
That I would simply lack bit of warmth in all headphones I just lack the gut feeling for it.
He was himself a musician blah blah that you are always and a lot of talk about what a warm headphones are.
What is neutral and explained to me the world of a sound engineer in the studio.
And talked about the Americans what you are for a music type.:grin:
Well not nevertheless he said so look for a headphone and took the Grado Sr 2 and the Denon D5200 with.

Then I stood before a Schaltcentrale the blue lights, puts me the chair and put the Grado on.
And he suddenly has more punch and thought oh wow.
And then came the Denon D5200 puhh I just thought.
I did not know at the moment is it the headphones or before the control center where I sit in front?

Everything I missed before on the Denon Mx Hpa was there.
I continue to listen to think your D7200 at home does not sound even too fat bass,nothing exaggerated.
The Denon D5200 seemed right to me at the moment.
I was glued to the chair.
I wanted to keep listening and not get up,of course I got up just before closing time anyway.

And talked to us again.
So that was not the headphone amplifier Mha 150, but any tube amplifier in the hi-fi area.
But that seemed to me at the moment soas of right.
He said I should me times the Mha150 if I had interest.Oh yes but with my headphones please.:grin:
Are the Mcintosh really the creme de la creme and justify the price what is produced in the Usa?
And is it worth buying?
Other than that, it’s a bit of a capital investment.
What do you think all pbertrieben or justified price performance?

Modern McIntosh electronics are quality gear, but you do pay a bit of a price premium for it so it’s not always the best value compared to other options, but that being said they hold their value well if you needed to sell, and in the US at least come with very good support/service if you ever need it. They are quality products, but there is a bit of a name/design/reputation tax that comes along with it.

If you have the cash and really liked the sound it had to offer, I don’t think it would be the worst investment as long as you can accept paying a bit extra for the brand itself. Regarding the MHA150, it has a solid amp and a good enough dac to where I wouldn’t complain (but personally I think later on it would be worthwhile grabbing a similarly tiered dac as the amp as I think the 150 has better amp performance than dac performance), and also can drive speakers decently well if you want that, so I think it’s value as an all in one if you like the sound and the design can be pretty worthwhile depending on what price you could get it for. I do think you could get better sonic performance for similar money with a separate dac and amp, but most of the things I would choose wouldn’t be able to drive speakers and might not have the same fit and finish quality as the mcintosh


Oh yes I have heard nothing bad I must say.:grin:
That I have ever thought so yes if it really come back times better would be worthwhile there again to invest time.

I would do before aufjedenfall before I make such an investment.
I still thought so that it would be really cool if they would still bring out a headphone amplifier on tube basis.
I think then the world would be okay for me.:grin:

I looked at the specs that are really nice, especially you can connect the speakers directly with.
And then you really do not need more.
Maybe I’m lucky on the used market.:blush:

A masterpiece from the U.S. it is already must be recognized.

Would have to check whether the support here in Germany is as good as in the Usa.
I once read that they last forever and are indestructible.

In the US they typically sell for around or under 3.5k usd (sometimes around 3.2k), which is a fair price for them I would say, but I don’t know what they would go for in Germany

They are very well regarded by some, not as widely well regarded as they used to be, but still respected

Typically McIntosh is well built and solid feeling, a lot of their older sought after models still work just fine and hold up well. I can’t speak to the modern McIntosh though on a longevity basis (as that’s something that will just have to be seen overtime)

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When I look here on Ebay classifieds always comes on what it is.
Whether power amplifier, amplifier and age and whether it was a good model year where heis was in demand.then it is also times 5000€ in it.
Headphone amplifier there is sogut like none, I would have to look again and again purely and have luck.

But first I have to save a bit again, first comes the Audeze Lcd 2 Classic on the do list.
Got today unfortunately the Audeze Lcd Gx instead of the Classic.:sob:

And if that still appeals to me I’ll look further possibly I buy him even New if I like the part but before I still have to pass my wife :innocent:

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There is no question the McIntosh is legendary and, for some people, their end game.

It’s hard to resist those giant, gorgeous VU meters and blue glow. I wonder if they were first to do blue? Hmmmm…

That said, I put an Audiovalve Solaris up to the MHA150 in an instant.
It’s got enough power to drive speakers, let alone headphones, AND it will drive STAX if you ever chose to try electrostatic.
And it’s gorgeous.

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This actually looks like a really nice all in one unit especially if you have efficient speakers to go along with it and can gain the benefits for both headphone and speakers.

Mon in your opinion what’s a worthy level DAC for something like this when you say a comparable level DAC? Price range wise, would you be talking about a $2k level pricepoints and up?

For the mcintosh yes, realistically around the 3k used range is where I’d want to be


Uuuuhhhh, I took a closer look at the Audiovalve Solaris next to the Luminare.
And I showed it to my wife and she liked the Solaris in white, but the price is ouch.

The Solaris would be almost similar to the Mcintosh.
Only that it has full tubes and power.
And I asked if with a bit of luck I could try it out at my place.

And if it’s as cool as I’ve read about it, I’m aiming for it in the next six months.
The question is with or without a Dac from Audiovalve?

I’m really excited if it works out with the Solaris.