Is it worth buying the Etymotic ER2XR?

I bought the Mangird Tea and it’s on its way, i noticed that the er2xr is on sale and was now wondering if it’s worth to buy it.
And what other IEMs are better or equally good for that price range.

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firstly, welcome to HFG!

is it a good idea to buy them? yes, they’re excellent and well known for their excellent sound.

however, their value / worth to you will only be found after you get to try them. some have issues with how you have to wear them, even while loving their sound.

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I’ve been lurking in this forum for a while but never made an account, and thank you for the information.

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The EX3XR was the IEM that convinced me higher end IEM’s worth worth trying.
Having said that they can be quite uncomfortable, and they don’t have a lot of Bass, so YMMV.

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The Mangird Tea is an extremely good IEM punching way above it’s price. IMO it’s probably the best you’re going to get in its price range. The FD5 might be something else to look into at the Tea’s price that might be a good compliment to it since it’s quite different and also an incredibly good IEM. You might very well be completely happy with the Mangird Tea. I’d wait until you hear it before shopping for the next best thing.

Congratulations on the Tea.

BGGAR posts here regularly. (a respected IEM reviewer) Here’s a link to his ranking page. He ranks the Tea an A+ and one of the very best IEMs of 2020.

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The ER2XR is tuned with emphasis on a prominent, yet smooth, pinna gain. Treble is downplayed relative to mids, smooth and not harsh. Bass and sub bass is present but as significant as something like Blon 01. Soundstage for me is very narrow, but this perception could be issues I have related to fit.

A word of caution on fit. You’ve no doubt read others stating that fit can be uncomfortable. Insertion is deep with ety’s proprietary triple flanges (included). If you’re accustomed to this fit, you’ll be fine. I personally find it uncomfortable for more than a few songs.

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The ER2XR recently has been sold frequently for $100 on Amazon US. At this price especially, I find it very much worth it. The tuning, accuracy, and actual sub bass due to having a dynamic driver, are all excellent. That being said, the soundstage is small and in your head due to the nature of the IEMs, and also, I don’t mind the deep insertion/fit of these IEMs. In addition, isolation is top notch. There are other options for ear tips though, such as the included foam tips, and 3rd party single flange tips.

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Hey everyone. Just got myself an er2xr, but there seems to be a problem - the pouch they ship with is supposed to have ‘etymotic research’ printed on it but mine just says ‘ETY’ in a stylised big font (maybe they changed the design?). If anyone’s bought an er2xr recently could they confirm if they got the same pouch? I’m worried my unit might be a fake.

Mine says Etymotic research, but it has been over 6 months since I bought mine and who knows how long they were in a warehouse before that. If yours is genuine it should come with the filter removal tool and a set of green filters if that helps.

yeah i got the two filters, and all the other accessories too. These sound fine, in line with what the reviews said, but the pouch thing is concerning; my box didn’t come sealed with that little flap thing up top either

though I bought it new.
Thanks for your input though, hopefully someone who bought one more recently can chime in. I got mine a few days ago.