Is it worth upgrading from KZ ZS10 Pro to Moondrop Aria?

I’ve had the same IEMs for a good year or so (KZ ZS10 Pro), and I was wondering if any of you guys think it’s worth upgrading from these to the Moondrop Aria, since I’ve heard such good things about the Aria. Just was wondering if there would be any noticeable difference where it would be worth upgrading. And also if you guys have any other suggestions for a better IEM under $100, please let me know. Thanks in advance guys! :slight_smile:

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Can’t go wrong as far as everyone’s impression on the Aria.
But if you’re considering something else under $100:

  • Blon BL-05s (not the BL-05), but get a tip that can give you a good seal.
  • Tin Hifi T4 when it’s $70 on Drop.
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I did exactly this a couple of weeks ago. Provided you get decent tips (Tin T2 blues for me) the Aria sounds fuller and lacks the treble harshness I found with the ZS10 Pro. I do find the Aria’s signature a bit boring, but that’s just a preference.


What do you listen to?

Either go Aria for flat tuning or wait to see how’s Mele received on the 20th :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the help!

I think I will go for the Arias because I did some research and it looks like the T4s are having some problems with some people buying them, so I’ll probably steer clear of those unless you think those peoples complaints aren’t justified. And IMO the Blons (I know this shouldn’t matter haha) are sort of ugly.

Basically every genre except Country and Classical music. A lot of folk, hip hop, indie rock, jazz and ambient stuff though . A pretty wide range of music so I would like something that works well in pretty much all genres!

It does matter :slight_smile: Aria is a great choice and everyone agrees with it. Also very nice for wide libraries like yours :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy them!

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What brand is coming out with an IEM called Mele? I tried to search a new release but I can’t seem to find any under the name “Mele”

Thank you! I appreciate the kindness of everyone on this forum! It’s a great community!

Will be on sale @ Linsoul.

It’s called Tripowin x @hawaiibadboy “Mele”. Tuned to be the under 50$ king, inspired by Blon-03. He’s a well known reviewer on Youtube. You can check his channel called Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews (BGGAR).

Gonna leave his twitter video here. You can also find a lot of info in his thread (on this forum).

In my opinion you should get the Aria and this one later, or the other way around. Different tunings :slight_smile:

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I see. Ok, good to know to keep my eye on this release! It’s funny because I was actually watching this guy’s reviews last night to see what are some good IEMs to further my research of what I should buy :joy: . I’ll definitely wait to pull the trigger on the Aria’s to see if these will be good. I heard him say they are tuned like the Hanchjim Hana 2021, which I’ve heard stellar reviews about but it’s a little out of my budget, so if they are anything like the Hana I’ll have to check them out!

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Yeah… I didnt mention Hana 2021 since you said under 100usd. Keep an eye for Mele and Hana, I might grab both, but I’ll start with Mele. Hana seems to be a direct upgrade to Aria (and its based on Oxygen that costs 100usd more, but its almost identical), so if you end up getting the Aria and liking it, you know :slight_smile:

If you are in a rush (I always am :joy:), ill say wait a few weeks :slight_smile: see how Mele is received. 50 bucks for a tuned IEM from an experienced reviwer is a bargain and gives you wiggle room.

Also, keep in mind tips matter, so you might wanna grab some tips and tip roll untill you find your perfect match :slight_smile:

And never forget that you must enjoy the gear, but music and having fun is the only thing thar matter!

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Awesome! Yeah I’ll keep all the info you gave in mind. Thank you for being so helpful! I appreciate it!! :grin:

No problem at all. 3 months ago I was in your position, but I dived deeper on my first iem :stuck_out_tongue: which I dont recommend doing btw