Is it worth upgrading from KZ ZSN Pro X to MoonDrop SSP?

I understand that they are obviously tuned differently, but I’m looking for something neutral or at least something more realistic.

Do you guys think it is worth the upgrade?

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Maybe you should give the SSRs a try since I think, those are much more Neutral. And the SSPs are basically SSRs but tuned to a much fun-sound whilst the SSRs I think, given to some of the people who listened to them that I also ask questions about, they are on the Neutral-sound spectrum.

I also think the Tin T2s are neutral as well and I own one, basically an IEM that sounds good and pretty much relaxing for listening all day. Same goes to the Starfields, if you can afford them and they are like T2s but improved imo.

You are outdated, its the Aria´s turn now lol. (cheaper starfield.)


True, but I think the Starfields to me sounded clearer to me than the ARIAs. Listened to some sound demos involving it but I guess it would have been a better assesment, if I am the one listening to the ARIAs in person.

Sound demo´s arent good at all…not a reliable way to judge something.


That’s why I said, I have to listen to it for myself. Therefore, the ARIAs are on my list to get.

Since you already got the starfields, I dont think it is a smart move to get the Aria as well. 100% redundancy.

Save money for something different or for a real upgrade.


If you’re sticking with Moondrop, natural step up is just B2 or Dusk lol. Other options out there of course.

As someone with the Aria and SSR, I think the Aria is more “natural” for most people, though I personally find it too sound too smooth and inoffensive. SSR is more my pace.

IME, SSR tech slightly better. SSR has similar level of detail, but a bit more grainy in the treble. Wider soundstage and more accurate imaging than Aria, which is not bad, just not as pin-point. I personally think SSR > Aria only if one would like that extreme shout SSR has. I’d be happy to rec the Aria for under $100 though.

But Aria cable is cursed. Stiff, super kinky. Gonna replace it with Faaeal, maybe.

I really going to buy the arias i saw a lot of reviews and can say that is lit a Starfield but for 30 bucks less