Is Jamo going away?

It may just be on Crutchfield, or the Dark Apple varients of the C91/93 II, but both of these are listed as discontinued, and most of the Jamo products they are carrying are listed as either out of stock, or low stock…
This could also just be Crutchfield, as I haven’t done a full deep dive into this… But thought it was weird enough to mention.
Kinda like the Dark Apple 91 ii and 93 ii better then the black or the white.

Discontinuing current line. New one, I think.

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I hope that’s true. I might have to pick up some before they are gone.

jamo owned by klipsch. they are not going anywhere. it gives klipsch a soft dome outlet.

edit: Klipsch Group, Inc. oversees business operations for the Energy®, Mirage®, Klipsch® and Jamo® speaker brands and distribution companies worldwide. This technology powerhouse is focused on leveraging its highly acclaimed product lines to offer a unique and powerful single supply source for its retailers, distributors and contractors globally.

Could be that Jamo is cutting Dark Apple color out and just continue with white and black.
Sending email and asking would be a easy task.

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you are probably right. the white and black are on backorder on the sale. i think its just a random klipsch flash sale that they run now and then. not uncommon for them to run 50+% sales on over stocked items

THAT would give me a sad. I am sure I could, and it would be easy enough to do so.

If that is the case. You might want to look every reseller if they still have a pair.
Buy it right away since they might gone.

they still have the fabulous colors on the jamo website, i think they are discontinuing that color in the USA. the sub210 is available in a wide variety of colors for instance, but only black in the USA

edit: and it looks like about everyone in the USA is out of dark apple :slightly_frowning_face:

edit2: americans only buy black for the most part, so a lot of manufacturers do not offer their other colors here. and also why most speakers are black in the USA

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Being told by retailers in Australia that the S8 series is discontinued here, I wanted to grab some S809’s and the S8ATM’s for my HT but can’t get them anywhere.

C9 series seems to be fine for now down-under.

Jamo C series subs are on amazon in white.