Is Linsoul Legit?

Guessing from the title, I assume you know my question. I am contemplating on if I should buy the thieaudio monarch, but I need to know if linsoul is a legitimate website.

yes, they’re totally legit.

but buying from an international site / marketplace has it’s own issues, so I’d just look into what people consider the pros and cons are of buying from them.

I haven’t ever bought from them, but many on HFG have and continue to do so. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for responding so quick.

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100% legit. I’ve bought from them quite a few times.

Legit but as Marzipan said has its own issues. I bought from them 5-6 times had no big issues other than it super long to ship when covid hit first time.
But if you will get faulty gear or something with bad qc warranty is not much there. Plus waiting times can be sometimes too long plus some had bad experience with customer service.

Well according to the Tin T2s that I have bought back then that literally kicked the ever living crap of my SHURE SE215s with its better sounds and looks, I say YES, they are legit therefore ascending to this hobby that we all love to do and talk about.

Buying the BLONs and the Starfields from them is further evidence for that, for I have been using the two for most of the time than the old headphones and earphones that I used to have when I was like overall new to high-fidelity audio.

Do you know how long it took them to ship, especially if you live in the U.S?

that will depend on their stock levels most of the time.

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Unfortunately or fortunately, I don’t live in the US for I live in a place where most shipping from Linsoul basically only takes like 1-2 weeks minimum for the ones I have ordered to ship. Sometimes though, they are freaking quick than the expected ETA of the orders I made.


Linsould has some great products, but my (and others) experience with Chi-fi is a QC at a lower level. And this can (will?) be a problem with Linsoul as with other chinese sellers, if it breaks in some way after 15-30 days, you are often on your own.
My experience with Linsoul is not good in this respect. They are okay as long as the product is fine, but I find the service poor, when you have problems. So I have decided NOT to buy +$100 IEM’s from them and regard all purchases as a “buy-and-throw-away” experience.

This is just my experience and I may have had some bad experiences, not representative for their real service. So just my 2 cents.

What are your experiences with shipping?

To be more specific, how long did it take from an order to your doorstep?

Dhl is fast, free shipping takes ages

Around week for dhl 3 to infinity for free

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Dang. I needed it in at least two. I was going to get something for my buddy.

they also sell their products on amazon so you can get that super fast shipping done directly from amazon instead of through linsoul themselves

Yeah but that is limitied to cheaper gear mostly.

FWIW I had an exchange with Linsoul service a few days ago, asking about the Monarch specifically. Rep advised me that it’s a 15-25 day wait as they are behind on orders; add ~10 days shipping time in all likelihood as well. To keep expectations in check, I’d just assume at least a month from order to delivery. JMO

define “cheaper gear” (found the shuoer tapes on there and those are 130 bucks)

any package over 200 dollars gets the much faster DHL shipping… the issue is under 200 dollar IEMs that are stuck with eternally slow shipping

I haven’t seen anything above 200 that is fulfilled by amazon. Those items I can return to amazon without any issues.
Dhl shipping from.lonsoul is fine but if you are not happy about it or it is faulty good luck solving it.

I am by no means complaining. I waited 3 months for shipping from linsoul and have most experiences positive

i was just giving a way for them to get the stuff from them fast if under 200 that works well

(unrelated but i love the broken english on some of these… it makes me both happy and skeptical of the quality)