Is Loki* still the only family of decently priced EQ devices out there?

I have the OG Loki, and I really, really like being able to give that bass a boost, or that tremble a knock down. It’s paired with a Magni, it works well (this is for headphones).

But while the Magni sounds great, I hate its volume knob, so I want to try another amp. I’m wondering if there’s any choice for EQ out there that would match another amp style-wise, or am I stuck with a Loki* setup?

I’d also consider a dac/amp that includes EQ options.

Yes, I know I can do it on the PC, but I’d like something source-independent.

I looked around and all eq-related threads seem to be old. Amazon shows a couple of options, but nothing stood out.


Bellari Audio has one, but it’s bright red so if you’re looking for an aesthetic pairing…

JDS Labs has the Subjective 3. I have one that I don’t use much because I’m not a big EQ guy, but it works well for taming and shaping any egregious problems I run into when demoing headphones and such.

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So the Qudelix 5k counts? Use it as a combo or just as a DAC and hook it up to whatever amp you like. Heard there is an update coming which makes it a 20 band PEQ.

those colors are… unique haha. I can’t say I see a point to go from a Loki to that haha

but why didn’t they make it the same form factor as their other stuff ?!?! sigh

It looks like a great device, but kinda fails on my other main goal, a nice volume knob.

If you just use it as your DAC you can have any knob you want. Like the EL amp, the mother of all knobs.

If it is all about the knob you can keep your DAC + Loki of course and just replace the Magni with the EL Amp.


Kenwood and pioneer both had multi band equalizers for their home stereo systems in the mid ‘80’s-‘90’s. They aren’t that hard to find on Craigslist, eBay, etc. RCA ins and outs, some of the nicer ones have 10 bands separately for L and R channels, with balance control.

Form factor is not much like desktop headphone gear, being intended to incorporate with a home stereo system, but if you get one in good working order, I would bet it would outperform the Loki family as well as offer finer control.

Stick with the Loki.
The JDS EQ isn’t very good (see Zeos’s review he did for the Loki where he compares the two).

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Behringer makes a 9 band+ and Sweetwater sells them. I used to use it on another setup and it did the trick… Way more features than a Loki which I also own but do not use. Just a option for you to consider.
I found it quite helpful for quite awhile.

If you want a DAC with integrated EQ, the ADI-2 is hands down the best option out there. Although its usage is much more involved and is probably overkill for your needs.

The Asgard 3 also has a much better knob if you want something that matches the Loki. It has the same kind of feel as the Magni, but the knob is much larger and the pot is smoother.


Just to note if you go on Amazon you can find tons of cheap equalizers like this one:

Can’t speak for the quality at all, but there’s a large selection of equalizers to consider with more bands and features than the Lokius.