Is Massdrop selling us returns?

I got my Blon B20’s today and i was surprised at the package, it came in a grey plastic bag, in the bag was the pleather headphone case it comes in. No box. On the address label it said it was sent from the returns department. WTH? I know these where on sale but i thought i was buying something new. Not returned, open box or renewed.

contact massdrop. this could be a mistake


I’ve ordered quite a few things from them and haven’t had this experience. Contact them and I’m sure they’ll straighten this out

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I remember someone else complaining about this a while back, according to Drop it was just a mistake and they only sell new stuff. Possibly they thought the previous buyer was returning a new, unopened item, so they shipped it out to you. They should check to make sure it hasn’t been opened though.

no box…so not possible in this case.

That does seem pretty strange for that condition. Are there any visible signs of wear?

no, it seems new, smells new. but even if someone opened the box, tried it out once and sent it back that still bugs me lol. call it OCD

That’s pretty strange, I wouldn’t think they sent you a return, demo, or open box but you never know