Is Monolith's by Monoprice speaker equipment any good?

they’ve got a pretty premium price. any of their speakers / subs / amps sleeper products that don’t get the respect or attention they deserve?

Their thx subs are pertty nice for the price. The speakers are apparently ok, but I haven’t heard those. Their new speaker amps seem impressive

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They copy good gear, use quality parts, produce in big name brand factories and offer raw dollar value for certain products. They skimp in certain areas, depending on the product, you will get varied reviews of their products from meh to great. I used my ears to be the judge and my wallet was happy.

I have some of their stuff in my HT set-ups and a pair of speakers on my desk.
Their THX subs are great in a HT and I have used them for music and ENJOYED the hell out of them, BUT I happen to like big, boomy club style bass when cranking tunes at high volume, this isn’t like listening to jazz in your den, it’s different. You can tune them to tighten up and they do, if you need that extra 20% audiophile quality they are not going to do it for you, you will need to look elsewhere.

I have their 5 channel THX Monolith HT amplifier and it is a great value. It is capable of reproducing quality sound for your HT and even plays music speakers well. It’s not a $10K amp so don’t expect that or better. I had an issue with my first purchase and its took a year to get a replacement due to constant “out of stock” status. Despite that I was pleased because the replacement had the balanced outputs which mine did not have. (ie. vs2)

I have used their Kbas speakers on my desk for over a year. They performed admirably, and I still rotate them into the mix regularly. There are better speakers out there for the price, I happen to like mine and I’m very happy owning them.

What else you want an opinion on?

I’m not interested in any of their stuff actually. I just wanted to create a discussion of their speaker products so others, when they start their Google fu etc, find info :slight_smile:

actually…their stuff with ribbon tweeters is curious.

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The THX Monolith line has many good full reviews in a number of the home theater forums and is often recommended. There is so much other good product though in the same price range that I find the real value is appreciated when found on sale, IMHO.

Based on the ASR review their 4,000 surround sound decoder is TOTL, if you don’t want to listen very softly

Honestly I hope monoprice learns their lesson with the alex Cavelli gear and start producing new designs from old audio designers

what’s wrong with their AC collaborations?

No ieam they learn from it and do more like say Rupert Neve retires and has amp designs left over