Is my motherboard audio solution good enough as a temporary solution?

Hey! Just built a new PC and was wondering if plugging in my new Soundbar and headphones into the onboard audio of the Asus ROG Strix X570-I will make a significant sound difference?.

The specs of the X570-I’s onboard audio solution is SupremeFX S1220A, DTS® Sound Unbound and Sonic Studio III

The SupremeFX S1220A has:

  1. Dual Op Amps​
  2. Impedance sense for front and rear​
  3. 120dB SNR stereo playback output​
  4. 113dB SNR recording input​

I want to also clarify that the QC2 is not mine and I am borrowing it from my girlfriend currently. I will be getting myself HIFIMAN HE400i but if there are better options out there for under $200, let me know. It needs to be open back, and black at the very least.

For my DAC and AMP, I was recommended the Geshelli Labs ERISH BALANCED AMP and the Geshelli Lab DAC (Out of stock or missing).

If there are any other questions that can help you help me. Please feel free to ask!

those in particular can supposedly play up to 600 ohms so I would think you would be fine without a dac amp for the time being if you want to save some money to the side to get a good setup, around $200 - $400.

Depends, what kind of sound signature your looking for in a headphone? 400i is more of a bright planar so it’s not too bassy.

Looks like I can go for a more expensive headphone? I listen to a lot of hip-hop actually if that helps. And let’s just say my headphone budget is now $400-$600 since I won’t be needing a DAC/AMP.

I also had some extra questions that just popped into my head.

  1. Will I need to configure anything in BIOS, Windows 10 or Sonic Studio III? I’m pretty sure someone told me to turn on the HD Audio in BIOS or at least check it to make sure it is on.

  2. Will my sound bar sound better as well? Haven’t had anything to compare it to but I do enjoy listening to it on Spotify via Bluetooth.

  3. How was your day and thanks for helping me

well the dac/amp in generally will give you a better sound than onboard, just at the current point you don’t technically need it.

to my knowledge you shouldn’t but I could be wrong on that, don’t have that motherboard, would recommend looking a bit into that one just to be sure.

It will sound fine on the motherboard, but a dac/amp with the speaker ports for that would generally sound better. It’s commonly accepted here that motherboard audio just isn’t all that good for sound quality despite it being capable of powering rather demanding headphones these days. Then again, most people don’t have a very expensive motherboard.

relatively tiresome on my end, and your welcome.

as for headphones, if your big into hip hop but want brightness… maybe the DT 880 would work better for you as it has more bass while still being good for vocals? General recommendation around here for people who like that kind of genre. It can come in at 600 ohms but I am pretty sure(not 100%) that your motherboard would struggle to drive something of sorts. They are generally $200 but you can get them on the used market for cheaper… they hit way above their pricepoint though. Step above those would be like the T1 second generation but for that one to make it sound it’s best you definitely would want an amp and dac for it. 1990s the other alternative that one would run off your motherboard without issue. Both T1 2nd generation(it’s discontinued so hard to find) and DT 1990 can be found ranging from $400-$500 and are beyers high class headphones. You would probably just be fine with the DT 880 though if you want more bass just grab some Dekoni Suedes or Choice Leather for the headphone or run an equalizer like the free software Peace APO. Save you money in the long run that way by a big margin

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it thought sorry for the late reply.

I think I’ll go with the DT 1990 with Dekoni Choice Leather.

What do you think of the recommended Amp/Dac that was provided to me?

I would say go with 880 but if you prefer 1990 that’s fine too. Both are good I just feel 880 may be better since it has more thump to it’s bass sounds a bit better for hip hop in comparison even post pad swap and saves you a good what like $300… Something to keep in mind in this hobby price absolutely does not by any means = better.

As for the amp/dac I see why you were recommended it but the erish balanced can only be used with balanced headphones… Even if you ordered the HE400I you would have a secondary cost because you need a special cable to make use of that which I am not sure if they told you this… if not than that’s rather disturbing as you’d need a duel sided 3.5mm to xlr balanced cable… The 1990 cannot be balanced outside of being modded to make it be that way but it gains nothing from being balanced. DT 880 is the same way but it can also be modded(theres modder services for this and everything) and it does gain some benefits to this… however it becomes much more expensive(like $80 for the mod and depending on the cable your looking at another like $70 or up depending on the quality of the cable)

If your going to go with the Geshelli you want the Archel not the Erish as its the single ended one… They are nice amps and they look nice coming in all sorts of colors but really not necessary. I suppose it’s up to you if you want one they are nice and they have a nice clean sound with good accurate reproduction an ever so slight sharpness to the sound and a slight warmth to it as well. Least to my ear. As far as the stack goes, I believe they replaced Enog 2 pro dac with the new JNOG and archel now has archel 2.5 which is better. You will also need some RCA or balanced cables for the amp and dac connection as well

Okay so I just bookmarked the Archel 2.5 Pro and the JNOG.
I don’t have a budget per say, just not like $1000 headphones, DAC and AMP (each). As long as it is reasonable. :slight_smile:

Which is more preferred for connecting the DAC and AMP? RCA or Balanced?

They did not explain to me that I needed a dual sided 3.5mm to XLR balanced cable… :thinking:
Is there people who make the cables look nicer just like how keyboards have people who make them? XD

Also can you explain why balancing the DT 1990 gains nothing?

Not sure if I am missing any more questions…

Hart Audio Cables and Periapt Cables make custom cables that are not only very high quality(they do come with a cost mind you) but they are quite nice.

balanced is always the general preferred option if one has the budget. You will need 2 balanced cables… male to female xlr for geshelli dont over think them as those don’t have to be expensive

lol sounds like me, that’s fine then. Every headphone has it’s own respective signature and qualities… I like the 1990 as it’s quite flexible… I use it with Suede pads which ups that bass alot and drags the treble back… granted 880 definitely wins on vocals and can become bassier than the 1990… in terms of brightness, soundstage, and imaging 1990 wins in that regard.

for starters, it takes significant modifications to even do this mod so most people avoid it(it’s not as easy as say the dt 880… because the 1990 uses a 3 pin mini xlr instead of an attached cable), it’s only 250 ohms and doesn’t scale as much as the 880 or T1.2 when it comes to amps and dacs let alone doesn’t remotely need that much power.

Alot of amps will have better sounding hardware in them alongside more power and headroom in their balanced ports if they have them but with the addition of the balanced port the single ended port loses a lot of power and generally has the lesser quality stuff for it.

Theres a long drawn out explaination of balanced vs single ended so that one I will leave for you to read up on… 1990 being balanced is a rather opinionated topic but to me… it’s an absolute waste of time and effort for little if any pay off other than you get to use your pretty balanced port…

I just want to add how obnoxious this is, as you would have hit a big snag there if you went and bought there suggestion… the erish only has xlr plugs… the 400i does not come with an xlr cable it comes with 3.5mm unbalanced. you would have needed a cable… like…


I’m looking at the New Fantasia cable you sent and it seems to be a 4-pin XLR.

I took a look at the back of the Archel 2.5 Pro AMP and the XLR connection is 3-pin

EDIT: Perhaps the mini 3-pin XLR cable is connected to the headphones from looking at the pictures :thinking:

EDIT 2: Okay, it looks like you plug the mini 3-pin XLR into the headphones and the 3.5mm jack goes into my motherboard’s 3.5mm headphone jack. And when I get the Archel 2.5 Pro, I just plug it into the front jack port I believe. I can’t tell if it is 3.5mm but I’ll assume it is until stated otherwise.

Have another question for the JNOG DAC actually. Do I need the additional/optional USB Module?

EDIT 3: Any nice and black headphone stand you recommend?

that fantasia cable was for the 400i not the 1990. Can’t use balanced cabling on 1990 without modifications.

yeah, you need a 3 pin male to female balanced cable two of them as I mentioned previously

1990’s plugin on the headphone itself is a 3 pin mini xlr as I mentioned earlier when I was talking about the mod. It terminates to 3.5mm or 1/4" with the adapter and plugs into an amp or pc

yes go with the module

I don’t bother with stands I keep mine in cases so nope

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Awesome, so let me explain what I think I need and how I would connect them from my perspective and you can correct me so that there is no confusion.

I Buy the DT 1990 Pro, I buy the Periapt Type 5 Pro 3.5 Cable and connect it to my motherboard for the time being.

When I saved up more money, I buy both the JNOG DAC(with USB Module) and the Archel2.5 Pro AMP. After that, I connect the DAC to my PC through the USB port, then connect the AMP with a 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Cable.

After I connect the DAC and AMP, I buy a 1/4" Stereo Output Adapter and plug that into the Periapt Type 5 Pro 3.5 Cable’s 3.5mm connector. Then I plug it into the AMP.

Jnog is limited edition right now not sure what they plan to do regarding that. Others may know.

Not going to run the balanced cabling? Alright then. Think I paid like… $13 for my cabling balanced. Monoprice cables.

All of it sounds good and will work so you should be just fine. Recommend you search on the used markets for a 1990 though. Can get one mint at like $400 instead of new at $600.

I’m super confused, can you explain how I should connect the AMP and DAC with balanced cables? I’m really confused on this part and I would love to look it up but I’m also at work right now haha :slight_smile:

He means using a pair of 3 pin XLR cables like these between the DAC and Amp.

Oh, on the DAC. I don’t see the XLR cable. Is it just not shown in the picture or am I just blind O_o


Ah, I was looking at the store page, not the info page. Sorry haha

Yep thanks @Polygonhell

Hi, sorry to bring up an old thread but what do you think of the HD 6XX with the setup from this thread?

If you are still planning on getting the Geshelli amp, then yes that should work (I love the 6XX). If you want to drive the 6XX from your MB, probably not going to get loud enough or produce clean sound (besides noise from the MB, the 6XX likes having more power than any onboard audio will deliver).