Is pairing SMSL SH-8S with K7 worth it?

Would there be any point to getting an SMSL SH-8S and using it with the Fiio K7 as the DAC? I mean, I know that the SMSL has an XLR output, so there’s that. I’m just wondering if I’ll notice any discernible change/improvement in sound?

Edit: Well, I decided that it doesn’t matter. It was $130 brand new, tax free on Drop, so I figured why not? I have a Harmonicdyne Poseidon coming with an XLR balanced cable, and as soon as I can find a nice DAC with balanced out to pair with it, I’ll be in pretty good shape!

Oh well guess its too late, personally I think the K7 amp is crazy cheap for what it can do and its the DAC holding it back. Personally I would have reced you save up for a nice DAC to pair with the K7 like the smsl M500.

Either way looking forward to how you find the SH8S and poseidon. Pls post thoughts after you get them.

Yeah, I didn’t want to miss a crazy bargain… I’ll let you know how the Poseidon does with it. I’d heard it likes a tube amp, but I’m still hoping it’s a good sound.

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Initial thoughts about the Harmonicdyne Poseidon with the SMSL SH-8s:

Well, first off, there’s definitely more power here than what I’m used to from the K7.

I think that it doesn’t change the sound much from the K7, but the extra overhead is nice. I run both of them on low gain, but the most difficult thing I have to drive is maybe the K702 or the 250 ohm DT990?

The Poseidon sounds great on some things, and just good on others. Punch Brothers sound both warm and detailed. A lot of reviewers have said these cans are both warm and detailed, and I’m finding them to be the same. It’s a wonderful sound for certain tracks, but I’m really still getting a feel for them. I don’t feel like the SH-8S is doing much at all to color the sound, and the K7 puts out a very neutral signal, so I guess the only coloration of note is from the Poseidons. I know the frequency response shows a pretty hefty roll-off in the sub bass, but I have to say that the sub bass is still very much there, just not emphasized. The bass in Punch Brothers tracks is easily heard on tracks like “Another New World,” and a bit more present than the K702 on the SMSL.

I’ll keep listening and “hone” my opinion. I’m looking to maybe add something like a Zen Dac V2 to add a little extra sub bass in there too. Also, keep in mind that I’m pretty green when it comes to audiophile-type dissecting of a sound, so take my opinion with a grain of salt!

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