Is QDC = 2pin 0.78?

So I’ve been going back and forth check and getting contradicting answers between places so if anyone could clear it up for me once and for all, is QDC a 2pin 0.78 with a sleeve like the Blon BL-03 uses or does it just an “illusion”

The QDC connectors are usually rounded, so if you get a qdc cable and try to slide it onto a 2 pin iem, it won’t go because the 2 pin is a rectangle, however you you file down the edges of the rectangle plastic, it will go. The pins themselves are the same size and distance apart from one another.

been driving me kinda nuts

Apparently QDC is the one with rectangle plastic… and it’s 0.75. So huh yeah if you get a 2pin 0.78 cable the pins will be a tiny bit longer (like what, half of a millimeter longer?). Just don’t force it 100% in shrugs.

from what i know QDC is 0.78 not 0.75, at least according to the stuff I’ve come across so the length shouldn’t be an issue

Doesn’t matter either way. 0.03mm is nothing.

Also true :slight_smile:

size doesn’t matter its how you use the pins

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