Is Roon/Qobuz worth it over Amazon Music HD?

I’m trying to find the best audio quality, convenience, and a relatively large music selection streaming service. Being able to find new music is also very important to me. I’m looking for what is the best possible choice (aka the one that is the jack of all trades I guess) given the criteria. I originally was using Spotify for years and tried Tidal but didn’t think it was that much better for the asking price. Its quality compared to Spotify wasn’t siginificantly better to my ears but the information given on recordings was useful for finding new music. I then tried out Prime Music HD and I currently love using it for its interface and general playlists that are made where I can hear similar music easily. It also has a nice related artist section that I enjoy using for finding new music as well but it does lack the recording information for songs. For people that have used both, is using Roon and/or Qobuz instead of Amazon Music HD a worthwhile change?