Is shenzhen audio reliable?

im just about to get a topping dac from legit but i want to be sure if im going to buy a genuine product not fake.If a purchaser can tell if its safe and trustable i will be pleased.

Shenzenaudio is pretty well trusted for chifi products, you should be just fine :+1:

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Thanks @M0N you rock

Yep, Shenzhen is solid. The first product I ordered from them was shipped with the wrong power cord. I let them know and they had a replacement to me within 48 hours. Only issue I’ve had with them and they fixed it quickly.

I’ve bought from their site, their amazon store, and their ebay store and I personally haven’t had any issues whatsoever, pretty nice. Although do check on the price as some higher end stuff might not have the best price from what I have found

They are great to deal with. I bought my SMSL SU-8 and SMSL SP200 direct from them.

Unfortunately my second experience is totally negative. Purchased a Gustard X26Pro on 11/11/2021, it has problems with DSD files. Until that day they always answered in chat and advised the customer. disappeared after purchase.
I sent two messages from their ‘contact us’ page or wrote to support their online chat no longer responds.
Since they are also distributors for the Gustard brand, buying a product of that brand from them is madness. The gustard costs over $ 1000.
But above all they did not show any seriousness.
In all honesty, I would advise against buying from them, in case of problems you are abandoned.
Best regards.

I have had no issues. They have been great to deal with.

I like them but you really have no idea about a company until you have issues. Once things get serious then you find out very quickly what they are about.

HIUH? LOL I have had no issues.

And that is what I am saying. Everything’s is great when people are getting money from you. You find out the real deal when things go bad.

To be clear I have had great dealings with Shenzhen and would/will deal with them again.

However I have had problems with well known companies and was not looked after properly.

Yep, I’m with you. I have too. I think we all have at some point. Let’s just say so far so good.

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