Is the crown xls 1002 bridged too much or too little for the Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4 15" Reference?

Well, the title says it all.
I just want to know if the crown XLS 1002 can maybe damage the driver or maybe has too little power for the subwoofer. Looking at the specs, I’d say the driver could potentially get damaged when turned all the way up. But I don’t know.
So I wanted to get someone else’s opinion on this.

You can damage and destroy anything with improper use.

You need to tune the sub box to be working with that driver, box needs to have physical diameters that gives xxxx parameters for the sub driver to operate.
Sub will have its max limits depending of box design.

So you need to set the source levels and amps power levels to match the subwoofers max performance. Why would over do it by purpose?
Headroom is always good.

With proper tuning and settings. You wont break anything.
Its more likely to break speakers or subs with not enough power and clipping them.

You would have amps power 4Ω Bridged 1100W and sub handles RMS 500 watts / (max)1000 watts so its possible to break the sub with power and wrong settings but with proper tuning and settings. No problem.

I have used amps in car audio that has double RMS power compared what sub handles and in 15 years, zero broken subs or amps. As longs as subs perform under their max-limit they take it as long as they take it. Mechanical failure is always possible with playing loud and on limits.