Is the Fiio FH5 worth the $100 premium over the FH3

Is the Fiio FH5 worth the $100 premium over the FH3?

I literally just ordered the Fiio FH5 simply for the fact that I’m on a Fiio kick at the moment (because of the FH3) and I want to be able to talk about them all from experience.

I haven’t heard the FH5 yet, but I’d say no. I easily prefer the FH3 to my FH7, and the FH7 is a fantastic IEM. The FH3 just sounds better. The FH3 is a safe bet. It’s an all rounder that is going to sound great no matter what you listen to as long as you’re not a treble head. The FH3 treble is non-offensive and smooth. I have a second FH3 coming on Friday. It not only sounds better than the FH7, it fits better as well.

I’ve asked multiple times that I’ve wanted anyone in this community who has heard the FH5 & FH3 to compare them but no one has come forward. Looks like I might be the first next week.

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Sorry I thought I wrote something about this, but I think the FH3 is the safer buy too. I’m not sure I would say the FH5 is worth $100+ more than the FH3, but I personally enjoy it a bit more with my library (so far).

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Good to know, especially with mine on the way. What kind of music does your library consist of?

Everywhere from rap and metal to J-Pop and jazz. I would say my most listened to genres are Metal (both old and new) and J-pop though.

Awesome! We have similar music interests. I enjoy Progressive Metal. I also enjoy JPop bands like Babymetal and Unlucky Morpheus. I listen to just about everything though.

hey guys fyi my order on Amazon just got a delivery update, coming the 31st instead of Sept 5th…ordered on the 26th

Can you update me on your opinion when you get the fh5? I am a bass lover and mostly listen to pop or old school rap. Thanks for the help😁

I’d be happy to and plan on it. I am a bass lover as well but I’d say I expect it to be done tastefully. It all has to work. The bass needs to be full, fast, defined, dynamic and detailed. If it doesn’t help to fill the music and support the rest of the mix, then there isn’t enough. If the bass is overpowering, it’s too loud. My 2 cents.

It appears the FH5 does bass differently than most other Fiio hybrids. I believe it’s the only IEM that does not use a beryllium DD. A lot of people love the bass quantity and quality of the FH5, so I’m hoping for the best!

IMO they should’ve just kept the same DD they had in FH5 for FH3, it was already perfect. Combine it with the tamed BAs for the mid-range. I find the bass in FH5 to be the best for it’s category, prefer it to Sony N3, ISN H40, E5000, OH10, Blon, YBF-ISS, Moondrop, No 3 and a few other well regarded bass performers. Not sure the FH3 is an improvement to that.

Good to hear. I’ll be able to shed light on that at some point next week. The FH3 is no slouch in the bass department though. The bass on the FH3 is fantastic! It would be awesome if another IEM can dethrone it in my eyes.

Hope you can deal with the midrange on the FH5, it’s on the intense side, I normally drop 2 db in the 3k area for longer listening. Fit is also another issue for many people, personally I never had a problem, it fits perfectly.

Yikes! We’ll see. All the Fiio IEMs fit me better than anything else I own. So I doubt fit will be of issue.


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Hey, I have the chance to get the FH5 for the price of FH3 right now,
so now reviving this thread to ask: which one is better for electronic music?
Of course this is subjective, just wanted to get an impression.
Anyone who’s able to compare both from experience?
@PapaEmeritus did you end up having both last year?


I can make PEQ cuts on my Qudelix-5K, to have the FH5 mimic the FH3’s upper frequency response. But where the two differ is the sub bass - lower bass response. The FH3 has a faster recovery, while the FH5 is great for early 2000’s Hip Hop; where you want those synthesized sub bass notes to resonate.

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