Is the HD 600 worth it if you own the 650/6XX?

I know this is a subjective question, but I have the 6XX and it’s great, but would love to hear the 600. I know they are legendary for having a neutral, clear presentation, great mid-range and fantastic on a tube amp.

But is it that much of a difference from the 650? For those who own/ed both, is it worth to step up to the 600 as well? Or does the 650 get you 90% of the way there to the 600? Genuinely interested in your responses here.

Something to keep in mind is that the 600 isn’t a step-up from the 650/6XX, that would be the 660 if anything. There is a small tonal difference between the two, with the 600 leaning a bit more neutral. Every aspect of the 600, from the way they scale with better amps, to how tubes make them sound apply to the 650/6XX as well. They were just made to be a touch warmer than the 600. But as you said, whether it would be worth it or not would be completely subjective. Personally, having the 6XX myself, I would say no. Not unless I found a used 600 in good condition for a really good price, and even then I’m not sure I’d get them.


short answer: yes

long answer: maybe not. a lot would depends on the genres of music you listen to and what you’ve got for a DAC and amp and whether they suit it’s strengths, if you’re willing to buy an OTL tube amp (unless you’ve already got one) to make the HD600’s sing.

edit - in short, the HD600’s are wonderful for instrumental / classical and respond very well to warm DACs and amps. if you’re still really curious, I’d say look up a used pair and save some coin…that way if you don’t like them, you can likely sell them for the same price you paid.

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If you’re a fan of Sennheiser house sound and you have spare cash to spend and you care about tonal differences and you’d like to collect some legendary headphones, yes

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Nope, they’re like 95% the same, look up measurements, I had the kitchen counter version a while ago and I’d swear they felt a bit better built than 6xx/58x but even that’s gone with the new revisions…

Also the 6xx/650 it the one that’s supposed to be the higher end one(it’s not), not the other way around.