Is the Schiit Asgard a good choice for a 600ohm headphone?

Been looking into some bigger and better equipment and I need an amp that can run a 600ohm headphone. I was looking at the Schiit Asgard because of its price. Is that a decent choice?

Would the 600 ohm headphone happen to be a beyerdynamic? It drives them fairly well without issue. Another amp in a similar price range that drives higher impedance loads well is the lake people g103s

They are Beyerdynamics! The DT880’s are what I’m looking at now, and hopefully the T1’s way down the line.

Gotcha gotcha. Imo the 880 600 pairs very well with the asgard 3, gives nice body to the sound overall while giving a bit of a warmer smoother tilt and taking a slight edge off the treble. Pretty spatious stage, great detail and resolution, nice impact, and good control. Overall a pretty satisfying paring imo. The g103s is a bit less bodied and warmer relaxed, but not harsh or overly forward either.

Generally for a t1, I’d want to move to a higher tier of amp first imo, so while the 1.2 can sound decent on an asgard or 103s, I’d really want to move to a higher tier of amp by then (and dac)

Speaking of dacs, what dac are you thinking of using with this setup?

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Probably a Schiit Modi.

Cool, the modi 3+ is pretty nice and would work well with either of those amps

Asgard 3 will do just fine with the Beyers…had the T90’s, T1R2 and DT1350’s all worked well with the A3.

Good luck and enjoy the music!!