Is the schiit stack still worth it

As of right now I’m considering to get a schiit stack it will contain the Magni Hersey, Vali 2 ,Modi , and Loki. I’m wondering if the schiit stack is still the schiit to get or should he go for something else, He plans on buying sensitive iems and a good pair of 500-1000 dollar headphones.

So the magni heresy and vali 2 are nice, but I would seriously avoid the modi until it gets upgraded or changed.

If you wanted something that could run expensive headphones and in ears, I actually think a good setup would perhaps geshelli stack, with an enog 2 pro dac and a archel 2.5 pro

Just to confirm, what headphones and iems is he thinking?

What should he get to replace the vali?

Does he want the amp to be a hybrid? You could get a little dot mk2.

I mean if he wanted the full on stack, the magni heresy, the vali 2, and the loki are good, but you really should swap out the dac with a topping d10 or something

I think he wants both a sigma amp and a hybrid tube amp, the Schiit vali is 150$ the little dot is 165$ looks a lot meater than the vali, has 4 tubes on it 2 of them quite big

Ok so tell him we recommend the D10 DAC, a heresy amp, and a little dot mk2 for the tube amp. the loki is fine

As long as he doesn’t get the modi he should be fine

Lol so basically get what you want just dont get the MODI :joy::joy::joy:

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So u prefer the geshill stack right I might consider over schiit stack any other recommendations

The geshilli sack is a lot more expensive. 180$ for each. also their DAC doesnt come with USB. just optical

Or should he get a thx 888 and a cheap dac

ENOG 2 , heresy if you want good sound cheap.

ENOG 2, Archel 2.5 pro if you can spend it

ENOG 2, RNHP if you don’t have headphones that demand a lot of power… And you want to stop looking for amp for a long time.

In a vacuum, if you’re not going to try any other amps, sp200 ENOG 2…

Modi for $100 is decent for the price, $70 more for the ENOG2 is a HUGE upgrade in sound quality IMO

I would really just recommend skipping thx here

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When I tried the heresy with iems, it had a bit higher noise floor than the atom, so take that into account

Valid point. That’s something to consider. Would you hit that floor in normal listening volume? Just curious. I only tested 2 sets of IEM.

I’ll be in the market for another set of IEM soon though.

With some not really sensitive iems no, noise floor wasn’t an issue, but with some pretty sensitive ones noise floor was prominent at normal volumes

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Gotcha, thanks. Good to know.

Is there a big difference between the acrhell 2.5 and the magni heresy

In power yes, also in quality. The heresy has more power going for it, but the 2.5 has more definition with a more natural presentation, resulting in a more natural sound imo. So depending on the headphones both would be solid options. I would go for the 2.5 unless you have pretty hard to drive headphones

at this point is there even a difference in cleanliness on how the thx amps compare to the 2.5.