Is the Singxer SA-1 mod worth it?

I haven’t seen enough people to make a definitive decision on if I should do it or not. I think the Singxer is good for what it is but I was a bit disappointed with it initially. In some respects I think it lacks in details versus my Topping DX7 Pro but some aspects I do prefer the Singxer. What are the most noticeable changes when the mod is done? Is it worth voiding the warranty for the extra sound quality?

What is the mod on it?

The jumper mod. It bypasses the input circuit protection apparently.

It would be good to see a picture of it and what insights were gained during the implementation.

There’s two exposed jumpers that Currawong shows (similar to jumpers on motherboards see below). If one jump those jumpers with jumper blocks, then that supposedly turns off the DC protect circuit and supposedly “improves” performance. If true, without the DC protect circuit, one can fry one’s headphones if there’s a static electrical discharge somewhere in the circuit path. IMO, if one needs to turn off the DC protect circuit to improve the performance of the amp, and one is unsatisfied with the amp’s performance in its stock configuration, then it is possibly time to look for another amp that, ahem, measures up to one’s performance expectations.

I’m mainly looking for people that have actually done it to see a comparison. Currawong is only 1 guy and I already saw his review.

I was replying to @Deleeh

did read some impressions in the Head-Fi Thread, hope it helps answering your question (think a few pages back)

Yes, that’s probably not good.
According to Singxer, you probably won’t recommend it either and still want to offer the user the option.

If you have a stomach ache, I wouldn’t do it.

I have two Singxer products at home myself that probably can’t quite be compared to the Sa 1 because they are a bit older.
But I am satisfied with the Sda2 and the Su 2.
I don’t feel the need to buy anything new at the moment.
And the Sa 1 is supposed to have stepped it up a notch.
Even though the Sa 1 is a pure headphone amplifier and not a dac/amp combo.

The Topping devices are not bad, but they are a bit too sharp for my taste.
Sometimes it takes a while for your ear to get used to something new, and in the end it’s the right thing.

But if you are still dissatisfied after 2-3 months, then it was probably not the right choice.

That’s what happened to me with the cheap products like Smsl, Topping Fostex, they were all good but after a while something was missing or not what I wanted.
And it was always a change until my hearing got used to it.

But it’s always a matter of taste what you’re aiming for and looking for.

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