Is the THX AAA789 an upgrade from an Aune X7s 2018 edition?

Hello There:

Currently, i own the aune x7s 2018 and i was wondering if its worthy to “upgrade” it to a Drop Thx AAA789? I have read that the aune makes the headphones brighter and that the thx is very neutral on that aspect.

Headphones Used:
*Beyerdynamic t1 and t5p
*Hifiman Ananda
*Oppo Pm-1

I would personally say no, I think you can get better options for less money, what sound sig are you looking for? Thx from my experience is even more bright than the aune, but also more harsh, oversharpened, and brittle, not something that I would call neutral at all.

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Well i would say as neutral as possible. I love the brightness of my beyer’s, but when i use them with my Sony DAP Nw-wm1a, they sound less bright. So i guess a warmish/ dark tone amp would be my choice.

So, I would actually suggest something like the rupert neve rnhp imo, it would drive your headphones very well, and is a very natural sounding amp. Pretty sweet imo

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Hello Mario. I had the AUNE once and proved very bad. I thought at the beginning it was ok but later trying different amps and stuff saw it was pretty bad implementation in my opinion. It was quite rolled-off at treble region so it was not bright at all. I tried it also as a pre amp with my studio monitors and the sparkle was missing again. Later on I was skeptical to upgrade my headphones, so I went with my X7S to try the hifiman Sundara and LCD2 classic. The result was to max out this unit (via SE) in order to bring them to listenable levels and still the control was awful. The XLR has more power and openness but still the sound is thick and not separated and free, quite muddy IMO. After that I was searching the possible reasons, and came across the output impedance and damping factor, in which department this amp is suffering. This amp has some punch for sure but is headphone picky as it is the headphone that this amp designed for at first place (HD800) which I never tried with it. So in my opinion get rid of the chi-fi and buy your self a good implemented amp like the previous comment said RNHP or in general a low output impedance proved unit that you will stick with as a main component of amplification and you will drive all your headphones flawlessly.