Is the uBTR worth it if my cellphone only supports A2DP

I currently have a Tin T2 and was hoping to get more out of it while using with my mobile phone on the go for music listening

First I looked at USB-C dongles, but then the Fiios BTRs really caught my attention, mainly because it seems a very practical alternative.
While researching I realized my phone doesn’t even support aptX.

So it doesn’t matter if the BTR3K or BTR5K supports APTXHD or LDAC because even the uBTR supports regular aptx while my phone doesn’t (REDMI NOTE 8T)

My question is: it still worth getting the uBTR to improve sound quality compared to the 3.5mm jack from my phone?

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I owned the ubtr for a while. and to be honest it didnt sound any better than my phone’s (one plus 6t) included dongle.

that’s because you only listen to cheap IEM’s. LoL!

but in regards to the OP’s question, does your response involve codec streaming performance?

yes. Ive pretty much exclusively listened to them with aptx on and even then they honestly didnt sound that great I just liked the whole wireless deal. and with my t3’s for most of it’s life span until I upgraded to the btr1k then eventually the btr5

wireless is a whore? :grimacing:

Lol fat fingered it like usual. somehow wrote whore instead of whole

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How does the BTR5 sound compared to the uBTR ?

It’s a world apart. The btr5 sounds like a clean proper portable amp/dac at a $100 even more. It’s cleaner , more powerful,and impressive for the price. The ubtr just does it’s job and to that’s pretty much it. It produces sound through its out put wirelessly but doesn’t sound better than just a phone dongle.