Is the Xduoo XD-05 the only amp/dac that has a bass boost that's supposedly an impedance switch?

A while back I read the bass boost selection from off to on is actually an impedance switch that raises the output ohm of the jack? I have tried it and it worked perfectly for me. However I would like something newer and sits better on my desk that has a similar bass boost/ impedance switch. I only ask because I’ve been using my Denon receiver for the last 10 years now and my headphones sounds perfect on it. Nice and bassy/deep rumble compared to my Focusrite 2i2, aune x1s I’ve had previous, and little amp/dac google/apple adapters. They all sounds anemic and male vocals sound so hollow. I think I’m just used to a warmer/bassy sound of a high impedance headphone output. Would be awesome to find something other than the Xduoo XD-05 to accomplish this. I’m using a Focal Elex and an Emu Teak.

I just found the time to measure on my XD05 Basic. There does not seem to be a change in output impedance. Both situations show about 0.9 Ohm. So you can probably just choose any Amp with a bass boost like the Ifi stuff for example.

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That’s awesome thank you for testing an letting me know. I rear somewhere it was an impedance switch. Glad it’s a true bass switch. Going to look around for some. But hard to find anything good. I see a Fiio K3s so far but idk.

Alternatively Consider the Zen Line from Ifi. I have personally heard neither but the reviews are generally positive. The Zen DAC might be a great all around if you don’t need too much power and the Can if you have a serviceable dac at hand.
Have you considered trying some EQ? Most of the Bass toggles can be replicated very easily with a simple shelf filter too see if that’s all you were missing.