Is There a Difference in Quality on Drop

SO the Tin T2s are 35 on right now and there are 2 days left. Great reviews everywhere but on Drop there are a lot of mixed reviews. Why is that? Is quality different over there than compared to ordering on Amazon?

There shouldn’t be a difference but it is strange that there are a fair amount of qc issues showing up. They are a popular product though so I would assume that those who review it would be more likely to review it if they were having issues with it

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I ended up returning my T3’s from a loose MMCX connector that was falling out. I got them on amazon.

so then it’s not drop’s problem it’s Tin’s?

i mean chifi is chifi i guess lol

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I have no idea but if you go in to the Drop discussion for T2/T3 you will see rashes of QC issues. Probability you getting a bad one is low I would guess.

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