Is there a step up from the PC38X’s?

I love my PC38X’s, but I’m wondering what the next step would be? I’m looking to find something with a bigger soundstage. I play casually, and I love the feeling of “being in the action” by having the audio coming from all around.

I play console and PC, on PC I use a Fulla E.


what’s your budget?

Under $1000 but open to ideas if there’s a holy grail setup not too far off

I think you can buy them on linsoul now but I’ve been using the Hifiman Edition XS lately and they’re just phenomenal and in my opinion best most $1000-2000 planars for all around balance. At $430ish they’re just outrageously good for the price and that leaves you with $500 for source gear unless that’s it’s own budget. if you could squeeze a cheap dac and a Singxer sa1 (possibly used) in you could have a pretty phenominal setup for the price. Would also recommend a Douk Audio u2 pro regardless of DAC to help with any potential ground loop issues and to give all around better detail and clarity. A used Schiit Modius (if they exist these days) or something similar for cheap and I’m guessing it would be about $1100 and blow your mind. Down the road leaving room for a decent amount of improvement with a more mid tier DAC eventually would top it all off and you’d be really set. A Schiit Asgard 3 could also be a possiblity and keep you in budget and it has a nice smooth, natural sound.

Thanks for the recommendation! I have the Mayflower ARC mini, do you think it’s sufficient enough?

Not sure if anyone knows this answer, but what’s the best method for connecting a AMP/DAC to a gaming console in a couch potato setup?

It’s not very powerful and I would definitely recommend an upgrade to get the most out of a headphone purchase. As for consoles I’m not 100% sure what DACs are compatible but I believe Astro has a mixamp for Xbox but I’m not sure of it’s capabilities and I’m pretty sure PlayStation has options but the XS is probably doable from a controller depending on how loud you usually listen though quality won’t be the best.