Is there any audio degradation by using a 4-pole 3.5mm AUX with my headphones?

To be more specific, my set up is as follows;
My headphones, (usually either SHP9500s(mostly these) or WH100XM3s) using a 4-pole 3.5mm male on both ends plugged into my keyboard (Razer Blackwidow Elite) with the 4-pole 3.5mm pass-through cable from my keyboard, plugged into a splitter for 3.5mm mic input and audio output jacks, plugged into their respective ports on my GSX1000.
The reason its set up this way is because I usually have my Vmoda boom pro plugged in, but I was wondering if with just a straight 4-pole to 4-pole if the mic input side of things might effect the audio quality at all?
Also, I have desktop speakers plugged into the speaker-out port on my DAC as well if that changes anything.
Sorry if this was a bit confusing, I’m still new to the world of serious audio appreciation and so im unfamiliar with the more technical jargon, that, quite frankly, would have definitely made this post more literate and easy to read.

The most obvious answer to me is to try it with a regular 3-pole and with the 4-pole and listen for a difference, but in recognizing that my ears aren’t as well-tuned as people who have delved in this area for years, I have a feeling like I’m gonna end up being that guy that buys a 144hz monitor and never realizes he actually has to turn on 144hz and ends up using the monitor in 60z for years. I know im a noob but I dont wan’t to be an ignorant noob when I can just ask you guys.

Unless the cable is broken, there shouldn’t be an audible difference imo

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Thanks for clearing that up, I just don’t completely understand how the plugs and wiring works so it casts a shadow of doubt whenever I try something outside of recommended use.

Typically 3.5mm trrs (4 pole) is used to carry both audio and a mic signal

Yeah I’m aware of what it’s used for, I just happened to have a spare 4 pole aux laying around that I wanted to use and wanted to make sure it wouldn’t degrade sound quality being that I’m not using the mic function and it’s essentially being split at the DAC