Is this a good crossover upgrade for the jamo s803

Below is a crossover I’m looking at to upgrade the jamo s803 do you think it is of better quality than the one provided it looks that way but looks can be deceiving or if you know of one that would make it look better link me this one is on eBay for 38 bucks

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5-80ohms is technically probably true, but the way a crossover works: you take an 8ohm rated crossover for 2k, and hook it up to a 4ohm speaker, and it will be at 1k. need to know the drivers rated impedance. should be on them if you pop them off and presumably you will to get at the crossover.

and looking at it at a glance, i would go with an assembled one from parts express.

something like this works on a lot of budget speakers. its rated at 8ohm for the tweeter and either 4 or 8ohm for the woofer. vast majority of speakers under a few hundred going be to in that range.

The one above is 5-8 ohm and my speaker is 8 ohm nominal the Dayton audio ones don’t look as beefy if I’m going through the effort to replace the crossover I want it to be a substantial upgrade you know what I mean ? Someone has the photo of the jamo s803 crossover on here

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Looks good. Much bigger than the one inside the speaker cabinet

bigger is not always better. “bigger” only refers to the size of wire used in the coil of the xovers, which only matters for more power handling. resistor size changes xover point and various other things. its all math. you do not need a beefier crossover as the jamo’s do not handle much juice. you want a better crossover. better quality from the pieces used.

edit: do you know what the factory crossover point is?

edit 2: also the best crossover if the one you build yourself. certain brands of caps are known to be brighter then others. and building yourself means you do not pay for better quality then you actually need. the one you linked will most likely work fine and be better then stock. but it has a lot on it that you do not need, to make it play well with a wider ranger of speakers. it also has a couple suspect brands for components.

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