Is this a good deal?

I work with someone who is downsizing to an AVR and is selling his separates. He has the following for $850.

  • Integra DHC 80.3 preamp
  • 3 x Emotiva XPA-100 monoblock amps
  • Parasound z-amp v3
  • Audioquest Balanced Red River interconnects

I don’t believe the preamp does 4k, just upscales so I don’t think the preamp is worth including in the package. What are you thoughts? I am also deciding whether or not to go with separates or an avr but I believe separates will provide a better experience and it seems that they are easier to upgrade. AVR lifespans don’t seem great. But what do I know, I am admittedly a novice.

Edit: I should mention my speakers. Just picked up JBL 580s and the 520c. I have some old Eosone speakers that I may take the drivers out of since one of the cabinets is partially busted. May repurpose those into new cabinet kits. Not sure.

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