Is this bundle a good deal

so i need a new amp and have been looking at some beyerdynamic headphones lately and came across this bundle deal wondering if the amp and headphones are a good match and if so. what dac you would recommend to go along with the amp.

That’s a very good combo, would be pretty nice. Not a bad deal either imo, solid discount.

Do you know what type of sound you are after, and also what would you mainly be using the headphones for?

hey mon so not really sure what i’m looking for but i already have the Audeze EL-8 and koss kp30i. My Audeze EL-8 are currently not working. The jack connection has failed and I need to fix it but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I mostly listen to music while reading, watch youtube and play games. the games i play are mostly single player and the only competitive game i play is tarkov and i know no headphone is gonna save me from that games sound engine.

Hmmm. So while the 1990 is an impressive technical performer, it sounds like you are mainly using it for a more causal/relaxed use, and I might be concerned that it’s a bit too forward and aggressive for the use case you would be after (although right what you might want for game imaging and staging). What type of music do you listen to?

The type of music I listen to differs a lot depending on my mood but in general I mostly listen to rock, metal, hip hop/rap and blues though I’ve been making an effort lately to widen my music library.

Gotcha gotcha. What did you like about the el-8 and 30i, and what would you change about those headphones?

ok so honestly the el-8 has been my only headphone for 2-3 years until i got my kp30i around may, and it’s become so normal i have a hard time describing the things i like and things i don’t, also i haven’t been using them for about 2-month now because of the jack stick issue however if i was to say what i’ve been missing the last couple of months then its the mids and detail.

As for the kp30i, I’ve been enjoying the more fun sound signature, the bass and the more open nature of them. In the past I’ve been avoiding open back because I have had a roommate for the last 3 years but I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Hmm, so the 1990 would definitely have the detail, although it would have more of a treble emphasis than a midrange or bass emphasis, it would be pretty spacious sounding and work very well for games with precise imaging, I just might worry that it would be too aggressive or forward at times, but it does sound like something you might potentially enjoy imo. Actually though you might prefer the beyer t1 gen 2 here, as it’s a bit more relaxed and full sounding in the mid-range and bass with less prominent treble, if you look used they can typically be had for a similar price as the 1990