Is this guide trustworthy?

Wow :flushed: looks good to me. As a matter of fact it looks great

So, in one sentence: All the AKG K7-- variants are great lol

seems pretty fair I aggree with most of his assessments this is a gamer that is very into soundstage where as I have a heavier focus on imaging so thats where my personal numbers would be different but not too different like some of those akgs would be lower for me in terms of numbers and the beyers a bit higher.

I also really appreciate the age of this guide definitely has worked hard on it I wonder what games he plays now. cause games and sound engines have changed a fair bit the last 10 years

an issue i find with it is its hard to figure out the specific price range quality spots on there… there is no way to organize by price and by another factor like fun or comfort, i was thinking about looking at this for my brother and i felt lost because he wants something fairly cheap but still good for playing games like RPGs (the most competitive game he plays is smash or WoW). so i cant find the high rated in comfort and fun and figure out price

yeah it forces you to basically read but its seems listed from cheapest to most expensiveby category

Looking through this its definitely very accurate but Hyperx is missing from the list and are actually very solid gaming headsets provided you get the right ones and they have a wired version of the mobius which is much cheaper. The issue I see though is the external mic which will drastically change those prices… say you get one of those cheap headphones but it doesnt have a 3.5mm detachable cable… youll end up shelling out $80+ just for the microphone more so if you want the external xlr setup therefore making gaming headsets more budget friendly in a few cases.

I think in the case of gaming, least imo, competitive is pretty strict based on just how serious you are in the competitive scene. You don’t really want a rumble or hard bass at all on a truly serious competitive headphone which is why akg k7- and ad700x and up are pretty damn good at it. However, least to my mind and opinion, I don’t feel this is necessary less you want more than one headphone setup since most of us will play not just competitive but listen to music and play casually as well… everything is not always us playing at full tilt. If you wanted to play 100% seriousness youd go with extremely low bass headphones or the true competitive setup of the closed back aviator style headphone with an earbud/iem for full isolation and sound in the competitive scene.

I’ve followed that thread before. MLE as far as I know doesn’t do much headphone evaluations anymore. He mostly focuses on gear especially gear with virtual surround sound and stuff like that. All his headphone reviews were done with an Astro Mixamp.