Is this KEF setup a good deal?

I found a following listing:

  • KEF Q5
  • KEF Cresta SP 3322
  • KEF HTS 2001 (4 speakers)

All for about 300 EUR.

What do you think?

I have used a set of HTS 2001 for decades as my surround set up.
Great little speakers but they need a subwoofer.

It turns out that the guy also has the sub from the HTS set for sale as well. I’m probably going to buy that as well.

If a HT system is in mind.
Would always prefer same series speakers but cant argue with the budget and if matching sound aint a issue. Might be next generation Q series (iq) that would have matching center and rears.

This would be my first HT setup and I have a pretty tight budget. But I don’t really what it means to have a non-matching sound. Is it going to be a problem or is having it matched more like a nice to have thing?

Do you have 2 pairs of headphones or few IEMS, 2 different pairs that can be played at same time?
Or speakers of course.
If yes. Try using no.1 units right driver on right ear and no.2 units left driver on left ear.
If you play any effect sound or music. If will most certainly sound different.

Movies or series usually have sound effects and music moving from speakers to speaker so sound characteristics and tonality will change, depending on speaker e.g. ribbon tweeter vs dynamic tweeter its pretty clear how they sound different.
How good are your ears noticing differences ? Might only be nice thing or total nope.

But for a first HT setup and tight budget. Go for it. :slight_smile:
Get a taste of surround sounds.

I see. And would you say that I would be better off with a full HTS 2001 / 3001 set instead of this?

I thought that this has to be better, but it’s also true that I kinda overlooked the mismatch part.

As for similar sounding system, Yes, full HTS would be my choice.
My first HT was a Logitech 5.1 PC system… now thinking about it sounded horrible but had surrounds sounds. lol
Then i had bigger mixed speaker setup… different fronts, different rears and after some time the sound difference was just too much.
Ended up Upgrading everything for Bowers & Wilkins CM series with big towers for good music.

HT system you end up does not have to be KEF HTS 2001 / 3001 it can be something else as well
As long as the Speaker Series would have full 5 speaker set LRC + SR SL, similar speakers with same design and same drivers you are good. :slight_smile:
(ideally 5 similar speakers but thats hard to complete in normal living environments)

Sub is anothing story just like a pure music set with HT setup. Something after the first setup in the future

Well, the thing is that I could probably get it. But now it’s available only overpriced for two times this deal. I am thinking I will get the deal and I can always swap later. I can always buy and sell. At least I would have something usable now. Matched sets (for good price) are kinda rarely sold here and when so it is usually quickly gone so I would have to wait quite some time.

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You can pick up the entire system for not too much these days
This is exactly what I have and it’s surprisingly good for both movies and music.

I would like to buy it locally. I live in Czechia and I don’t feel like arranging shipping across Europe.

Firstly, I don’t have any experience doing so. And secondly, I also feel like most regular people expect to sell it locally as well, at least in EU. But I might be wrong ofc. It’s also worth to mention that I try to find listing that are really near so I can pick it up personally and also look if anything is wrong before I buy it.

There aren’t nearly as much listings for KEF in general, since it’s UK based and not even sold here much new. I certainly can’t find anything remotely close to the price of the one you sent.

Fair enough. Hope you find good luck in finding something suitable a bit closer to home.

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@DaveB And your opinion on the mismatched set?

The guy who is selling it said he used it as his HT setup for years so I thought he must have put at least some effort into it not being bad. But I might simply be naive.

It depends on how sensitive you are to any potential tonal differences (and how transparent your amp is) but they are all from the same manufacturer so should have a similar “house” sound.
The centre channel is mainly for voices so it may not be an issue.
For those prices, if you don’t like it, you could sell it on and probably not lose too much.