Is this model still available somewhere?

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for a Cerwin Vega XD8 to pair it with my Cerwin Vega speakers (the subwoofer was specifically designed for those) but I can’t find any available anywhere. Does anyone know where I could find one of those (used or new doesn’t matter)? If there aren’t any of those left anywhere, could I get a good recommendation that would work well with my speakers?

I think your kinda out of luck unless you dive really deep. I would actually rec the JBL LSR310S, because I think it would be an upgrade to the XD8, and work well with your speakers. You could find this alot cheaper on the used or refurbished market it it doesn’t fit your price bracket

And to be honest, you could pick up any decent sub and be fine. A subwoofer is not as critical in determining sound quality as the speakers are. It’s a lot harder for us to hear detail, directionality, and spacial cues from subbass.

Alright, thank you very much for the help and reccomendation. I’ll look into to the JBL one you told me about specifically.

Also, what speaker models do you have?

I own a pair of XD4’s.

That sub I talked about might be pretty overkill then. How do you plan to hook up the sub?

Edit: disregard my suggstion entirely, because I didn’t realize that the XD8 is hooked in before the speakers in the signal chain.

I found a used one here:

Thanks so much for finding this. I might just order it tomorrow.