Is upgrading my headphone worth it?

I use YTmusic as my main source of music and play sometimes my old CDs. I have two headphones under 200€.
YTmusic isn t the best for audio quality. Would having a better pair of headphones make a difference ?

Current set up :

  • dac/amp : project head box S2
  • sennheiser HD 58x jubilee
  • Hifiman HE4xx

It’s kind of a weird question. It would make a difference because each headphone has its sonic characteristics. There are so many factors that make each headphone unique.

So, the short answer is: Yes.

Short answer definitely has to be yes, as the cans themselves are the biggest influence on sound, by far.

However, a lot of folks would make additional chain improvements. My understanding is the HeadBox S2 is just an amplifier. You’ll be power limited by it in terms of the broad options available out there in headphones. If you’re content with the volume levels you currently reach, with some headroom, I wouldn’t stress that immediately.

You might be really surprised by what inserting a proper DAC into this chain, and updating your music sourcing from YT might do for you. Not sure what you’re running everything off of, but your CD player may have an optical output that you could run both it and PC/Phone via USB through one unit.

As always, I’d ask the golden upgrade question: what might you like to hear “different” than current? What genres of music do you want to listen to, what are current weaknesses?

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