Issues with Fluance Ai40W

I need help. I got a pair of Fluance Ai40W
When I ordered them and setup. There was an audible hiss on only the RCA cable input (amazon basics cables). I have them hooked up to a USB Dac (Signstek HIFI USB to Coaxial S/PDIF Converter Decoder). This USB DAC is connected to a 10 port USB hub. I couldn’t get a hiss out of the speaker. I sent them back.

I liked them for my setup but am I missing something? Should I have something like (iFi iDefender3.0 External USB Audio Ground Loop Eliminator) to remove the hiss?

Any help would be appreciated. Just starting in the audiophile field.



Yeah I wonder if you had a ground loop. Did they hiss when the rca were unplugged?

The hiss went away with the RCA was unplugged.

Yeah that was a ground loop. You would want to try to plug them into a different outlet from your dac and pc, or perhaps get an isolating device. It’s fairly common to have happen

Do you have a recommendation of an Isolation Device?

The ifi would get the job done imo, although perhaps getting a better dac might be worthwhile too

I was thinking about getting the SMSL M100 USB DAC. And I will try the Ifi.

For audio signals, Behringer HD400

Thanks @M0N and @MazeFrame the lfi took the hiss right out of the fluances. Thanks ya’ll.

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Nice, glad it works well for you :+1: