Issues with inputs on TA-10

I decided to break out my TA-10 and just use the line inputs for now, but have stumbled across something weird. One channel doesn’t wanna work right. It’s finiky, and will sometimes start working properly after moving stuff around a bit. I’m not sure why it’s doing this, but it’s irritating me.

It may be your cables, if you move them around does it work and stop working?

On both aux inputs (both are RCA) white is on top, red is on bottom. The side I plug into red works, the side I plug into white doesn’t.

When you say moving stuff around, what stuff.
Try wiggling things independently to see if you can isolate the bad connection, which is likely what it is.
You can also try swapping the channel connections and see if the fault moves or stays in the same place.

I think I found it… I rocked the tube a bit, pushing in, plugged everything back in, and now it’s wanting to work

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Sorry about the panic… It’s irritating that when I notice one channel isn’t working, I need to wiggle the tube

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Gotcha, yeah make sure the tube is fully pushed in (takes some force sometimes)

I’ve tried once to pull it out and couldn’t get it out. Thought I had pushed it all the way back in, but apparently not!!!

I may just be lashing out at the darn thing for my inexperience and my foot still hurting after going through surgery yesterday.