It is beyond me if it

…is not plug & play. I got my Topping E50, & everything is hooked up. No sound. USB out of my tablet into the E50, E50 into Singxer SA1 ect ect…dead silence. So bluetooth out of my tablet, into Ifi Zen Blue V2, optical into E50 ect ect, dead silence. I dont need this BS aggravation.

sure your tablet settings are correct? what tablet and OS version?

Samsung View. You cant change anything except turn wifi & bluetooth on or off. Its usb port is useless apparently. Plug a divise into it & nothing happens. It doesnt even have ability to route output to the usb output. Only way to get audio out of it is 3.5mm output or bluetooth. Very disappointing. I do know the E50 was getting signal via optical from the Zen Blue, but for some reason no sound. I got nothing via usb into the U18 with optical from it into the E50. Now I remember why I love analog.

appears to be too old.