It is me again with my dv hum

Ok i have made some troubleshooting with my darkvoice and found out that my toroidal transformer hums and that is why my dv is impossible to listen, how can I fix it?
Btw i have it fitz modded with 220uF 35v capacitors

What do you mean the transformer hums, does it actually audibly hum when not listening to the headphones, or are you just hearing 60Hz hum through the headphones.
If it’s the latter, how did you determine it was the transformer at fault?

It’s possible because Dark voice has improved the transformer and your Fitz mod doesn’t need it or doesn’t get along.

If you had nothing before try to remove the Fitz Mod and try again if your noise is gone.
If so, you already have the solution.

Another cause could be that the resistor has a shot, or was not soldered well enough.
Soldering is important.
I noticed this when I repaired my Little Dot.
Even though I thought it was good, it wouldn’t turn on because there was too much solder.

If you still insist on this mod, I would try a new resistor. If not, you only have to go to an electrician who can measure it more precisely.
You probably have to readjust something.
It is also possible that the resistor broke during soldering due to overheating.
Have you installed it the right way round?
Did you pay attention to the plus and minus directions?

That might still be possible.

It is the transformer, because ot hums with no tubes nor inputs nor headphones so the pnly thing that’s faulty is is transformer

Thanks the hum was present even before i fitz modded it, and that’s why i modded it, i am not sure if it is well soldered but polarity is right
Here’s my dv if it is useful

Not sure if this is the specific issue you’re having, but iFi sells a thingy that claims to fix transformer hum:

Oh my god it is expensive :sob:

Where is the mode do have made?

What do you mean? My dv was modded by my friend who lives on soldering things

I can‘t see the Mod on the Picture do have said.

If the transformer itself is making noise, either there is significant DC making it into the amp (your power is bad and this is what the IFI thing above fixes, or you can use an isolation transformer to do the same), or the transformer itself is defective, in which case it would need to be replaced.
It’s uncommon to get buzzing transformers in newer electronics.

An alternative for Toroid transformer hum is also available from Van Alstine.

Oh i see, thanks for your reply