It's time for an upgrade.. Help...!

I’ve just sold my Schiit Magni 3 and decided I want the most out of my HiFiMAN HE-4xx headphones. I have a budget of $300 total to spend on a new DAC & Amp. What would be a good deal?
My only gripe is I need at least 2 inputs (USB & RCA or AUX) because I like to have my tape deck output to my headphones.
Any suggestions appreciated.

jds labs atom or a monoprice liquid spark with a khadas tone board or either the d30 or d10.

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So because I need that additional input, I’d choose the Atom. The Topping D10 looks like a great deal, but I’m left with $100 leftover. Should I be looking at higher end hardware or at this price-point am I being greeted with the law of diminishing returns?

The Massdrop X Alex Cavelli Liquid Carbon X can be had for a promotional $199 and potentially ships in a couple days. If that $100 is really burning a hole in your pocket and can run your 4xx balanced, otherwise if looking at performance, Atom is hard to beat.

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after the atom pretty big dimishing returns in terms of cleanliness.

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I saw that Massdrop X Alex Cavelli Liquid Carbon X, do you think it’s worth it?
But what about a dac? I feel as though something like it doesn’t get any better than D10 or D30… Snake oil? Am I mistaken?

I think I agree… More confused about which DAC

basically. d10 has a better chip than the d30 but the d30 is more expensive and is a little cleaner, the d10 comes with a nice little display. the khadas is the bast measuring DAC under l$100 and punches waaaaay above it’s price point but it’s caseless. you could spend the extra $100 on buying a new case for the khadas or getting it 3d printed so it stacks well with the atom.


So you think Topping has the win for best ~$100 Dacs? Going to assume that’s the diminishing return mark for Dacs.
What about Schiit, JDS Labs, etc.

Schiit ASGARD & Modi Combo? Another possible option

topping d30 and the modi 3 are about basically the same. the d30 is just easily available through amazon. the khadas tone board is the best dac in this price point. the odac gets outclassed by the rest of these dacs.

actually for $300 you can get the much loved geshelli labs stack. the enog 2 pro and the archel pro

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I love the look of the Schiit Asgard, but don’t see much about it online. I’m assuming that’s a bad thing. Thanks for your help, I’ll also look into the Geshelli Labs stuff

basically if you want pure power grab the geshelli stack or a liquid spark but if you just want the cleanest thing for under 300 grab a khadas tone board with a atom. you wont be getting the most power from it but you will be getting the best numbers.

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